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As Headmaster of Trinity, I am excited to be leading this exceptional and unique state-funded Christian school. We are passionate about helping our students grow and develop so that they are thoroughly equipped for life in the 21st Century. We are absolutely committed to helping our students achieve the best possible academic outcomes. In addition, we are also determined to provide an education for our students which will encourage them to go on to leading purposeful and fulfilling lives.
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  • 08:17 AM - 22nd February, 2020 Slight delay 8:25 now expected arrival.
  • 08:17 AM - 22nd February, 2020 Off the ferry and enroute to Trinity. Expected to arrive on time at 8am. It would be brilliant if a few students could help staff move extra crates and bags we took as well as an injured Mr Holvey’s bags! See you all soon!
  • 01:59 PM - 21st February, 2020 Hi all, great morning of skiing. All fed and on our way back.... updates as we progress. See you all soon!
  • 11:38 AM - 20th February, 2020 From Iceland 🇮🇸 Thoughtful moments gazing across a 10,000 year old lava field and hornito crater. 🌋
  • 11:37 AM - 20th February, 2020 From Iceland 🇮🇸 Mayhem at the Mid Atlantic Ridge. Eurasia vs North America! ❄
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