With Schools

We have strong relationships with our partner primary schools. We work very closely with our partners on a wide range of projects and our transition arrangements for students coming to Trinity, are extensive.

Over the last year, our students and teachers have taken part in and led enrichment and education projects including:

  • Robotics
  • Sports coaching
  • Support for ‘more able’ Science teaching
  • ICT teaching and enrichment
  • Indian Culture day
  • 3-D Art projects
  • Music workshops
  • Modern Foreign Language support and teaching
  • Food Technology

We have also built strong links in pedagogy and curriculum development, with our staff participating in joint moderation with primary colleagues and subject-level discussions concerning the KS2 and KS3 curricula.

Transition from primary school to Trinity

Transition can begin up to a year before students come to us, with bespoke packages for students who are identified as requiring a higher level of support. Transition often involves extensive meetings between Trinity and partner school staff; our students giving talks and mentoring those who are coming to us and links between SEN staff. Parents are also encouraged to be a part of this process, with other activities such as transition days, extended transition visits for vulnerable children, enrichment days, and outreach work, ensuring that learning loss is minimised, social transition is effective and supportive, and all of our students are ‘known’ long before they come to us.

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