What Parents' Say About us

"Please can I just add how much I appreciate yours and Dr Pawson’s efforts in dealing with the matter from last week. The whole team at Trinity have been awesome and X came home on Friday not worrying about being back at school. It was a huge relief." 
(Parent - May 2024)

"A year on I really remember X going through this. The support and encouragement she had from her A level teachers and the Sixth form team was outstanding and the little gifts of sweets very much appreciated. I truly believe she would not have got to her first choice Uni without this - and her hard work." 
(Year 13 Parent - May 2024)

"X was a quiet and sensitive child and we fought hard to get him into Trinity school, sure that he would be nurtured and recognised. We weren’t wrong. Both our children have grown, and continue to grow, in confidence, and have achieved both academic and personal success in more ways than we could have imagined. 

I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to write with such kindness and compassion and for providing the children with the opportunities and positivity that I’ve no doubt will remain with them for life." 
(Parent - April 2024)

 "I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and your staff at Trinity for the support they are giving to the year 11 students. 

X has really enjoyed school this year and she has grown so much with her learning. As parents we couldn’t ask for more." 
(Year 11 Parent - April 2024)

"We enjoyed the Easter Concert last night and the recent High School musical.

The breadth and range of talent, the way all performers supported and cheered each other along and the growing confidence of everyone involved, it really stood out and it really made for a strong and inspiring evening." 
(Parent - March 2024)

"As our son is our first child in secondary school, we had no idea what to expect and we were totally bowled over. It was very emotional for us seeing X being able to answer questions and remember what the TELLS were - as this was the boy that only a few months ago couldn't find his way around the school. 

So thank you again for the opportunity to visit the school and meet Dr Pawson, and thank you to all the teachers and staff that have been supporting our son." 
(Year 7 Parent - March 2024)

 "I just had to let you know how blown away I was by the performance last night - you have so many talented, hard-working, dedicated young people at Trinity and I’m sure you are incredibly proud of them. I also wanted to thank you all and everyone else who helped put the production together." 
(Parent - March 2024)

"Basically every single member of staff I have ever come across, you are all AMAZING. YOU CHANGE LIVES." 
(Parent - March 2024)

"I receive regular emails from teachers who want to tell me what a pleasure it is to teach him."
(Parent - March 2024)

"a school that has changed my son’s life in this time but also the trajectory I feel like he was on if Trinity hadn’t scooped him up & placed him on this new path he finds himself on."
(Parent - March 2024)

"If I fast forward to now however, I sat in the crowd of the school production this week and watched him sing and act his heart out surrounded by peers and teachers who he knows genuinely care about him & for whom he feels the same way . He has transformed in confidence and he has a new kind of faith in himself and in life that I couldn’t have dreamt of. I honestly feel like I have won the lottery"
(Parent - March 2024)

"Thank you so much for the handwritten birthday card for X on her birthday. She mentioned that you greet all the students personally- quite amazing considering that you have hundreds of students! Thank you to you, your teachers and all of the office/admin staff for all that you do to provide the nurturing culture for learning."
(Parent - March 2024)

"I owe all the staff at Trinity a big Thank You, without their support and guidance I may not have even decided to continue onto higher education! Keep doing the great things you all do! :)"
(Year 13 Leaver)

"Once again, thank you for fostering an environment where students thrive. Trinity School’s impact on X's life is immeasurable, and I am truly grateful."
(Year 7 Parent - February 2024)

"These staff are going beyond the school day - making time for X to work with them in interventions."
(Year 11 Parent - February 2024)

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all of your hard work organising the school ski trip. My daughters had a brilliant time."
(Year 9 Parent - January 2024)

"Just being in the calm and productive atmosphere of the school was so impressive and reassuring."
(Parent - January 2024)

"As we near the end of the Autumn Term I wanted to get in touch to let you know how pleased we are that our daughter started at X in September.  X has had a fantastic transition into her time at secondary school. I must pass on my thanks to your team for making her start so successful."
(Parent - December 2023)

"I am so inspired by the work, vision and ethos of the school and its staff.  My son in year 7 has settled in wonderfully; he genuinely looks forward to Mondays, as do I, and I think that’s proof enough of a brilliantly governed, led, and staffed school"
(Parent - November 2023)

"Thanks for reaching out, so far, from our side, so very good – that’s good to hear,  X seems a lot happier, thankyou and all that have made his start a positive one, very much appreciated.​

"For the first time since I can remember he came home and did his assigned English homework…. I know he is determined to try his best."
(Parent - October 2023)

"Thank you so much  - you are so helpful!! I’m incredibly impressed by the communication level at Trinity. You are all so busy and yet you all respond and check in etc.  Dedication!!​"
(Parent - October 2023)

"What a fantastic start to secondary school X has had. The welcome has been second to none; the emails and videos leading up to him starting, the taster day and now his first week have really highlighted to us what a wonderful school we have chosen for our children. Please pass on our thanks to the heads of his key stage and all those involved in settling the year 7’s so well."
(Year 7 Parent - September  2023)

"X had a good day. She was pleasantly surprised that pupils engaged with her on her first day and that they raised hands to speak in class. So compliments to the school for a high standard. She seems to have already found a friend group. 

We look forward to her future at Trinity."
(Year 7 Parent - September  2023)

"Thank you so much for taking X into the Trinity fold... His grades were amazing and I'm very proud of his achievement.

He would not have been able to achieve this without your help."
(Parent - September  2023)

"When X told us he had spoken in assembly we were so impressed. 

Thank you for giving this opportunity to X. He had his heart set on this school and it is really proving to be one of the best decisions we have made! "
(Parent - June 2023)

"X finished her last A level yesterday and also her seven years at Trinity. She has had a wonderful time and we have never stopped being impressed with the teaching and the encouragement and support she has received and we are truly grateful.

We wanted to specifically mention X’s time in the Sixth form – the quality of teaching and the general support given to X and her peers is outstanding. We really feel she has thrived and with the encouragement of her teachers she has worked hard and really has the motivation to succeed.

The Sixth from at Trinity is so well run and we have appreciated the help with UCAS and other issues"
(Year 13 Parent - June 2023)

"all the professional reports...before she came to Trinity predicted a fairly gloomy educational future, indeed that she would likely be an early school refuser. The fact that we are where we are is a tribute to the care, encouragement, prayers and diligence of the staff at Trinity...

Above all, X has been treated as an individual throughout her time at Trinity...we are so pleased she will leave with many fond memories of her time with you."
(Parent - June 2023)

"This is a quick email to say a huge thank you for the time and effort put into the leadership initiative and our children.  It shows!"
(Year 12 Parent - June 2023)

"I wanted to say a big thank you for the tour earlier today. It was so lovely getting a chance to look around the school again and the meeting with Dr Pawson was very informative. Great to see the fantastic work and passion that is being instilled into the school."
(Year 7 Parent - May 2023)

"We would just like to thank you, your team and the teaching staff at Trinity for supporting the students so well in the build up to and during their GCSEs. From the revision sessions for some subjects in previous weeks to the daily timetable of exams with walk through sessions (not to mention pain au chocolate on offer in the morning!) in between you are really doing a great job of guiding pupils and parents through the process. I know that not all schools are as pro-active so we do really appreciate everyone’s efforts."
(Parent - May 2023)

"Thank you to all the staff that have played a part in X's great experience at Trinity School. 

X has enjoyed all 7 years at the school and as parents we have been delighted with the support and encouragement he has received from you and your teaching team that has helped him realise his potential."
(Year 13 Parent - May 2023)

"I just wanted to send you a note to say thank you for hosting us at Trinity School yesterday.

I found it really valuable as a Primary trainee teacher to see the learning that happens in Y7 and Y8. I enjoyed my time in the lessons, and the pupils were polite and positive."
(Visiting Trainee - May 2023)

"Thank you very much for your message, and for your warm welcome yesterday.  I had a thoroughly enjoyable time, and I thought that the questions that the pupils asked were excellent!"
(Visiting Professor of Philosophy at the University of Oxford – April 2023)

"He had never done any sport before joining Trinity and when he was put in the Rugby team just before you arrived it changed his life forever!"
(Year 13 Parent – March 2023)

"Just wanted to pass on our thanks again following the school tour this morning.

The school has such a lovely positive feel to it and it felt like a very calm learning environment throughout. It's plain to see Dr Pawson is very passionate about Trinity School and the pupils and we really appreciate all the hard work, care and attention that the staff and teachers all put in."
(6th Form Applicant – March 2023)

"Thank you for spending the time with me last week.  I really found the meeting so helpful, especially in making a decision on my order of choices, which have now been adjusted from 2nd to 1st :) I think Trinity will offer me the support I am seeking. I felt on leaving, the atmosphere of nurture and caring and it was quite overwhelming"
(6th Form Applicant – March 2023)

"(member of staff) has continued to work so hard for the best outcome for X going over and above to offer outstanding support and keeping in constant contact."
(Parent – March 2023)

"‘…she said the memories flooded back as she walked into reception and she was overcome with such a warm feeling as she remembered her time at Trinity as overwhelmingly happy!"
(Former Student - February 2023)

"Hi! I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed the Night at the Musicals. The standard was really high, and the performances were excellent. Well done Trinity!!"
(Parent - January 2023)

"Public speaking is such an amazing skill to have and I love asking X all about it. When I collected her she said she didn’t have any notes and I was so surprised."
(Parent - November 2022)

"We’re so thankful she has had her secondary education at Trinity and much of her personal development is credited to the way you run your school. 

"He is so appreciative of his time at Trinity, not only did he receive the best education but he thrived and was nurtured within the very special community there and forged friendships and made memories that he will treasure for a lifetime."
(Alumni Parent)

"We have been so impressed with the school since the start of term and the praise that she has received from a number of teachers – it really has such a positive impact.  She is loving school and hopefully things will continue in such a positive way!"
(Year 7 Parent - September 2022)

"What I saw yesterday was really impressive particularly in terms of the pastoral care and your 'strong girls' programme and what I have heard from parents with children at your school is that the school takes any concerns raised by girls very seriously."
(Year 6 Parent - September 2022)

"Thank you so much for an excellent introduction to your school yesterday.  Your school (including) pupils, buildings and staff) were incredibly impressive and a huge credit to you.  Your school has now lept to first choice for our daughter regardless of how she gets on in the 11 plus."
(Year 6 Parent - September 2022)

"as a family we are still delighted to have a school such as Trinity on our doorstep"
(Parent - September 2022)

"…just to say thank you for five great years at Trinity so far... Since joining your school she hasn't looked back, and it's been fantastic to see her thrive there and truly achieve her potential with her GCSEs. She's now embarking on her A-Levels and looking forward to her time in sixth form. Many thanks to you and all the staff, for everything you do to make Trinity such a great place."
(Parent - September 2022)

"We found your personal approach whereby you spoke to her early on and encouraged her to be very indicative of an entirely refreshing educational approach…your school has really helped her. I am very grateful to your approach which is clearly upbeat and inclusive and to all of the 6th form and her teachers. My observation is that Trinity gives everyone a fair shout and tries to see the best in them rather than just dismiss their potential."
(Parent - August 2022)

"The communication from the school and their time spent with X to talk through everything each time was truly above and beyond and I am so grateful. Simply put, X would not have got through it without the help of your amazing team."
(Parent - July 2022)

"I am always extremely impressed with Trinity and all that you do to make it the place that it is.  You and many of the other staff go above and beyond in terms of your commitment to the school and the students, and I do believe this has and will continue to have such a positive and lasting effect on all involved."
(Parent - July 2022)

"My children have settled in really well at Trinity and are loving the school. They have never experienced bullying at the school"
(Parent - July 2022)

"We have been so happy since moving him to Trinity as he is clearly thriving under all the care of yourself and your fellow teachers"
(Parent - June 2022)

"Thank you so, so much for being the kind, energetic, and enthusiastic teacher that you are and also, the most dedicated person I have ever met! You have invested so much of your time, effort, and positivity into this cohort and I truly hope they will come to realise how lucky they have been to have you as their teacher - please, please keep teaching!"
(Parent - June 2022)

"You are a brilliant school and I'm going to miss all of your friendly faces."
(Parent - June 2022)

"Well done to Trinity! I believe that the structure you installed regarding revision sessions is paramount to the results of the students - certainly in X's case. She has certainly benefitted in attending the revision sessions that Trinity have organised! Hopefully she has done well! She has gone into every exam with hope and a positive attitude and that is mainly due to the investment that Trinity has put into the students! Hopefully this will carry on and it is not just because of Covid as I would certainly like my other daughter to have the same opportunity that X has had!

Well done Trinity!!"
(Parent - June 2022)

"X is very happy with the school and he is thriving…"
(Parent - May 2022)

"The school has been very supportive of this chaotic life we are living and the school gives X structure and support. I can’t thank you enough."
(Parent - May 2022)

"Since X has started at Trinity he is a changed child, for the better. Just wanted to say thank you to all teachers and staff."
(Parent - May 2022)

"My daughter absolutely LOVES Trinity School, she is so proud to be a member of the school. Teachers approach are very very positive and encouraging, this gives my child an enormous encouragement to start her secondary life. Thank you all so much for making this school such a wonderful place for us. As a parent, knowing that my child is happy and safe at school, looks forward to attend school everyday is absolutely reassuring and wonderful."
(Parent - May 2022)

"I am so pleased X attends Trinity. In my opinion it is an amazing school…He said the staff are amazing/really caring.. (and they listen), I also appreciate the lovely emails from the teachers."
(Parent - May 2022)

"I think Trinity is a very good school run by a professional team. I would certainly recommend this school to other parents – without hesitation."
(Parent - May 2022)

"The school’s response to the Covid lockdown was excellent, both academically and pastorally. She had the opportunity to transfer to a Grammar school for Sixth Form, but she opted to stay at Trinity because of the positive and nurturing environment. I cannot recommend this school, and it’s leadership, highly enough."
(Parent - May 2022)

"The pastoral team are simply fantastic. I am so grateful for the support they have provided not only for X but for myself as a parent. I am so happy we chose Trinity school, and I feel that X will thrive here. A huge thank you to all the teachers and staff."
(Parent - May 2022)

"The pastoral care team is excellent and the teaching is also excellent. The teachers work tremendously hard and know their students well, supporting them as individuals…it is clear that the vast majority of teachers teach with their hearts."
(Parent - May 2022)

"Trinity is a fantastic school and X is very happy."
(Parent - May 2022)

"Excellent pastoral care especially since Covid"
(Parent - May 2022)

"We are pleased to choose this excellent school for our son. It has suited my son perfectly and being in the right school for his personality and character has brought out the best in him and has helped him to realise his potential academically."
(Parent - May 2022)

"Very good support provided throughout the lockdowns during the pandemic."
(Parent - May 2022)

"The Sixth Form is amazing. So much preparation for the students in their to uni etc"
(Parent - May 2022)

"We have been so impressed with this school…the communication is absolutely outstanding…it feels like such a nurturing place to study whilst also focusing on academic improvement. She is so happy here and has made a lovely bunch of friends."
(Parent - May 2022)

"X has been incredibly well supported in school, both in terms of her personal, social and emotional development but also academically. Her confidence, her independence, and her resilience have grown exponentially."
(Parent - May 2022)

"When I first visited your school back when my son was in year 6 (pre-covid), I instantly felt that this was the type of school I wanted my children to go to. I was very struck by the caring ethos, and the way each individual pupil was seen as valuable, and encouraged to reach their potential whatever that may be. I have been around the school a couple of times since, and with each visit, my initial confidence in the school has grown. I think you're all doing such a fantastic job and I just wanted to let you know."
(Year 8 Parent - May 2022)

"I wanted to say that we think academically and professionally, Trinity has been great. X has found her confidence in subjects she was struggling to settle with before and she is enjoying her learning. She has done so well and we really think this is testament to the superb level of teaching and professionalism of the teachers across all her subjects."
(Year 7 Parent - May 2022)

"We were so impressed with the general atmosphere of the school and we feel completely reassured our son is in good hands surrounded by a team who will help him thrive."
(Year 7 Parent - March 2022)

"She attended every rehearsal and said that the staff and older students were so kind and supportive to the younger ones that she felt they were a “family”. The whole experience has developed her confidence, self-esteem and social skills."
(Parent - March 2022)

"Thanks for the high quality entertainment and also delighted to see x goes to such a fabulous, nurturing school that takes care of learning in every capacity."
(Parent - March 2022)

"We are delighted with Trinity as our choice for our daughter; it’s moments like witnessing Les Mis that confirm for us why we chose a school with such an ethos, and a commitment to giving children such a full and rounded education….thank you."
(Year 8 Parent - March 2022)

"…for a secondary school to produce such a show is truly extraordinary, and testament to your talent, drive, hard work, enthusiasm and the love of performing you instil in the students.  Everyone who saw it was very, very impressed.

X is SO pleased he is taking Drama and would not have changed a thing, and I honestly believe it has provided, along with the whole Trinity experience, an extremely supportive and safe environment that has allowed him to become the confident and mature young man he has grown into."
(Year 13 Parent - March 2022)

"Wow. I was totally blown away by the amazing production of Les Mis you put together with those talented children and young adults. I spent the whole time trying not to cry as it was just so emotional watching them all on stage. What fantastic voices and acting - hard to believe they are just school pupils and not professionally trained performers! How on earth can you have so much talent in one school?"
(Parent - March 2022)

"My wife and I had the privilege of attending the Saturday afternoon performance.

In summary,


...The producers got the caring scenes beautifully done; so often difficult with young adults. The prayer songs were reflective of the whole school Christian ethos and quite heart rending.

I could go on.

I just say that over many years involved in participation in school production around the country I have never come across one that has achieved 50% of what was achieved by your team.

A huge message to the whole Sevenoaks and Education sector that TRINITY IS HERE!"
(March 2022)

"I think X is coming on in his confidence with all the right aspects we need as adults in life since being a member of Trinity. 

I’ve noticed a change of his whole being for the good"
(Parent - March 2022)

 "Having come from Year 11 parents evening I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with the warmth, commitment and professionalism of all X's teachers - without exception.

They come across as deeply caring and passionate about our son’s progress and are clearly pushing him in a really supportive way to achieve the highest standards possible."
(Parent - March 2022)

"the school exceeded our hopes and expectations!"
(Parent - March 2022)

"it is wonderful to know that teachers like you, model tolerance and understanding within the classroom, showing inclusivity towards different thinking and learning styles."
(Parent - February 2022)

"X, without you and everything that you have done to guide and support her, our daughter would not be back on track…she will never forget what you did for her.

You are one of those giants among us. Firm, kind, and fair; gentle when needed. An emotionally intelligent and guiding light for our young people. The words thank you somehow do not seem sufficient to convey how appreciative I am."
(Parent - January 2022)

"Thank you for giving her a grand start with Maths from year seven until now.

X loves Trinity and always bounces out of school, she’s full of exciting things to tell me."
(Parent - January 2022)

“It’s so lovely working at Trinity, people really care."
(January 2022)

"Just want to say thank you to you and the school for giving her and all the others an amazing opportunity to do this Leadership and Apprentice challenge. X has learnt a lot about herself in this and I think it is wonderful that children get these opportunities in their school life."
(Year 8 Parent - January 2022)

"The coffee in your office was an unexpected but very welcome personal touch. Seeing X in a class, hearing her speak about her lesson and watching her not talking to your shoes was a highlight of the tour for us!

So this is just to say thank you and for Trinity to keep doing what you do!"

(Year 7 Parent - January 2022) 

"We think very highly of your wonderful school."
(Parent - January 2022) 

"Thank you very much for this morning's tour. I am very impressed with the school and am pleased that my son has the opportunity to attend your school."
(Year 7 Parent - January 2022) 

"We have been extremely pleased and happy with Trinity School, the school has been fantastic. My daughter academically has come on well at Trinity, and she has exceeded our expectations."
(Parent - January 2022)

"I read the recent article about the work you and your team do at Trinity school and I wanted to express my sincerest gratitude and appreciation for all that you do. My children talk about your kindness and the valuable support you offer their friends.

Personal, social and emotional development is such a core area of life for all age groups but particularly for secondary aged students and particularly in context of the current climate."
(Parent - January 2022)

"I wanted to thank you all for the amazing job that you and your wonderful staff do, my son loves school."
(Parent - January 2022)

"Both our boys are very happy at Trinity."
(Parent - December 2021)

"Our son joined in Sept and loves it - I mean really loves it - at Trinity."
(Parent - December 2021)

"This pupil is a credit to your school and I really wanted to write in to tell you how helpful and well-mannered he was. He offered to help me with my heavy suitcase, directed me to a coffee shop and was knowledgeable about which train I needed to catch. I sat near his family on the train and I was really impressed by his delightful and ambitious personality."
(Member of the public - November 2021)

"I'd also like to credit his subject teachers for their commitment, passion and inspiration."
(Parent  - November 2021)

"I just wanted to say how impressed I was with the Sixth Form Open Evening last night - all of the staff and students were so welcoming and full of enthusiasm, there was a great vibe around the school and it really felt so nice to feel part of it again. X and I went to the evening expecting to come away with perhaps more of an idea of the subjects she'd like to take at A-level but actually we came out feeling very excited about her sixth form journey and all of the options that are open to her. It was a really great, informative evening."
(Year 11 Parent  - November 2021)

"Just a note to express how great it is to receive emails from staff members providing positive feedback on day to day classroom behaviour and activities."
(Parent  - November 2021)

"It makes such a difference and really goes a long way to allay any worries that our quiet child isn't going under the radar at school.  It's also lovely to be able to pass on the feedback to our sons."
(Parent  - November 2021)

"My son is really flourishing at Trinity, it’s a testament to the amazing teaching. It’s such a fantastic school. Thank you so much for all you do."
(Parent  - November 2021)

"It has been extremely rewarding to see X thrive and grow at Trinity. The school has been very good for X. I am so grateful to all the teachers and staff, who have supported and nurtured him during his time at the school."
(Parent – October 2021) 

"X seems so much happier at Trinity…. I have found teachers to be much more encouraging and your email has brought her much joy and empowerment."
(Parent – October 2021) 

"The experience we have had this year with our daughter who started in year 7,  has been hugely successful and really impressive. We can’t wait for X to benefit in the same way."
(Year 7 Parent – September 2021) 

"In her short time with you at Trinity school she has become very enthusiastic about it. She's told me several times how much she likes her maths teachers and enjoys the lessons she's doing - she came home full of enthusiasm to do that bit of homework."
(Parent – September 2021) 

"Watching X now is like watching a flower blossom, she really is enjoying her experiences at Trinity so far." 
(Parent – September 2021) 

"As I’ve said to you, it’s thanks to Trinity introducing X to rugby that he started playing and then joining SRFC.

Playing rugby has enriched X’s life immeasurably; one of the many ways in which Trinity has had a positive impact on his life. Thank you."
(Parent – September 2021) 

"Hi! Thanks so much for checking up on him. He seems super happy! …He seems to be so much more motivated than he was at primary school…I love watching him grow in confidence…always been happy to go back in the morning - couldn’t have hoped for a better start!
We’re so so so pleased with the school, all our doubts about him not going with his friends have vanished and so far we all love it!"

(New Year 7 Parent – September 2021) 

"We just want to extend a big thank you to you and the staff of Trinity School who have taught, supported and encouraged X over the years since he joined the school. We are really grateful for the excellent education he received and for teachers who cared about him and his development over the years. Teachers like Mr Williams have been such a great role model and really ignited X passion for maths."
(Parent – September 2021) 

"He has had a great first week in Year 8 and has come home every day full of so much enthusiasm, energy and positivity for the year ahead."
(Year 8 Parent – September 2021) 

"It truly is a wonderful thing the school are providing (food parcels) and we are more amazed with the school each day."
(Parent – September 2021)

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank both you and your excellent staff for the hard work and commitment you have put in to her education". 
(Year 11 Parent – August 2021)

"X and I have always been so impressed with Trinity and your school’s ethos and last night is a prime example of dealing with adversity and creating a positive outcome." (Parent – July 2021)

"...I have to say the speed, procedures and reaction to helping..., has been really amazing.”
(Parent – June 2021)

"My time at this school has been amazing! I have loved every minute of it, from taking my GCSE’s, to the school trip to Berlin and in recent years taking of my A levels… I have grown beyond belief!”
(Year 13 Student – May 2021)

"The Pastoral care at the school is very strong.”
(Parent – May 2021)

"When my son suffered anxiety going back to school after lockdown, I was very impressed with the way the school dealt with it.”
(Parent – May 2021)

"X is exceptionally happy at Trinity, she has good friendships and enjoys going to school. She has received lots of encouragement from staff and this has enabled her to grow in confidence and perform well academically. But Trinity is about so much more than just the academics, it is a wonderful caring environment for our daughter to grow up as a young person, learning to care about and serve others. She has also become more enthusiastic about sport, and taken up netball in school and aeriel gymnastics out of school, through encouragement from her peers. Trinity has definitely been the right choice for her. We have recommended the school to others who have also chosen to send their children here. We look forward to our son starting in September, and hope to send our younger children to Trinity too”
(Parent – May 2021)

"We think very highly of Trinity, glad X is there.”
(Parent – May 2021)

"Very happy with Trinity School and all the work the teachers do for our children.”
(Parent – May 2021)

"My daughter has suffered from quite severe anxiety and has been supported by the school beyond my expectations.”
(Parent – May 2021)

"Since being at Trinity, he has been given support and encouragement with all subjects, but particularly Maths and he said that he now "gets Maths" and would like to "go back to my primary and explain how to learn Maths". It has been transformative for our son at Trinity to realise that he can do Maths and credit is towards the approach of the school that his teachers and support Maths teachers have made him believe and know that he CAN do Maths. We are not just thankful that his maths is getting better but more importantly he has belief in his ability - that the school have recognised its not just about learning but everything about the child - confidence and belief in self.”
(Parent – May 2021)

"…we appreciate the pastoral care of the school.”
(Parent – May 2021)

…my son’s – experience so far at Trinity has been truly excellent.”
(Parent – May 2021)

"I’d like to thank Dr Pawson and all the staff again for the remarkable job during this brutally challenging time. When the dust settles on COVID, rightly the NHS will be hailed as heroes, but so too, I hope, teachers. Thank you very much.”
(Parent – May 2021)

"I cannot praise the school enough for the time and effort they put in to make this past year work for our children. At all times you have provided us with updated information as and when they could. This has provided our children with continuity, which is something they definitely needed. Thank you!”
(Parent – May 2021)

"Both my children have been very happy at Trinity and enjoy coming to school. What more could you ask for.”
(Parent – May 2021)

"I'm really pleased she is at Trinity and all teachers are helpful and are fair”
(Parent – May 2021)

"Communication between staff and parents has been fabulous. If ever my daughter or I have needed to email a teacher, the response has always been prompt and relevant. We both feel well supported by the school and we hope that the school feel that we are supportive of them as well.”
(Parent – May 2021)

"We are delighted with how X is progressing at Trinity.”
(Parent – May 2021)

"The pastoral team and head of year 11 have been fantastic. Their help with my daughter this past year has been above and beyond what you’d expect. Their help has been so very much appreciated and X wouldn't be where she is now without their input. Thank you so much.”
(Parent – May 2021)

"We were delighted that X was fortunate enough to be able to get a place at Trinity…The school has had a pandemic and a lockdown to contend with and yet X has felt the full impact of being in the Trinity community right from starting at the school... I could go on and on about all the positive experiences X has benefitted from by being a Trinity student. Thank you for supporting X in the way you do and thank you for giving him the opportunity of being a part of the Trinity community.”
(Parent – May 2021)

"I think Trinity is a good school and I admire the leadership of Dr Pawson. He is clearly on a mission to make Trinity a GREAT school... I like the ambition of the place and feel it has positively informed my daughter's outlook on life. The ambience at Trinity is aspirational, yet realistic, grounded, comfortable and nurturing.”
(Parent – May 2021)

"I think Trinity has been amazing and I always recommend the school to other parents. I feel that the teachers are very supportive and the school does so much to help it’s pupils.”
(Parent – May 2021)

"I would highly recommend Trinity it is a fantastic school, my X has been very happy here and i hope in years to come that my other Sons will be able to have a place at Trinity.”
(Parent – May 2021)

"The level of support that X has received since Y7 has often been above and beyond.”
(Parent – May 2021)

"Trinity School encourages academic collaboration between students and teachers, This creativity produces the belief within an individual that they can succeed, recognises and enhances their giftings and enables them to follow their dreams. Thank you Trinity School.”
(Parent – May 2021)

"…I think Trinity is a wonderful school and I am so grateful that my children have to opportunity to be there.”
(Parent – May 2021)

"My daughter has truly flourished at Trinity. I feel that the teachers are really quick to act when X is doing well. I have received postcards and emails from subject teachers detailing specific areas where X has performed well. This is fantastic as I believe it has really built her confidence and gives her the opportunity to engage with us and explain the work she has completed. I’m really proud to be part of the Trinity community.”
(Parent – May 2021)

"Trinity has enabled my child to flourish, not only providing academic challenge, but also nurture and a wider sense of community which has enabled him to grow into his own skin and be quietly confident and proud of who he is.”
(Parent – May 2021)

"I'm extremely pleased with the school and have been thoroughly impressed with almost everything since my son joined Year 7 last September. This is especially true given the exceptionally challenging circumstances with covid. In that regard, I honestly cannot imagine how the school and all of the teachers could have done anything more – world class effort.”
(Parent – May 2021)

“I have always found the staff at Trinity both approachable and helpful. The support for the children during the recent pandemic was superb - from the life skills learning (washing cars, making a meal, cleaning a loo :-)) to the excellent subject lessons over Teams. Trinity really look at the wider picture and do their very best to ensure that children develop in all areas.”
(Parent – May 2021)

“We are really happy with Trinity and x is enjoying his school time enormously; he missed it during lockdown! I think several friends who chose other schools when x joined Trinity have been rather envious seeing how well he has progressed and witnessing the enriching experience it has been for him both educationally and socially....! The change in him from leaving primary school knowing he was innately capable but, certainly in the early years, being made to feel the opposite, to how he feels now at Trinity is immense and a testament to the incredibly encouraging ethos at the school and the hard work of all the staff to make each child feel worthy. Feedback from teachers has been impressively thorough…Thank you for all you are doing at Trinity School. We appreciate all the extra work that goes on behind the scenes, to help make each day of learning inspiring for pupils.”
(Parent – May 2021)

"The pastoral team are great." 
(Year 11 - April 2021)

"The pastoral team is pretty elite."
(Year 11 - April 2021) 

"I came to this school expecting a great experience and an amazing education but didn’t expect it to be as good it has been and will carry its memories with me forever." 
(Year 13 - April 2021)

"Thank you, I will never forget the place and my experience here." 
(Year 13 - April 2021)

"I just wanted to send a quick email to say how impressed my husband and I have been with both of our sons parents evenings. All of the teachers where positive, precise and extremely helpful."
(Parent - March 2021)

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all the staff at Trinity during Lockdown.Their hard work and commitment to the children throughout was incredible. X benefited from being in school as a key worker child over this period and I am so grateful to all the staff that came in to support him. It has made such a difference."
(Parent - March 2021)

"Thank you and to all the school staff for being mindful of students mental health and wellbeing. It is so important. It’s been wonderful to see how much my son has grown in confidence since starting at Trinity."
(Parent - March 2021)

"I just wanted to drop you an email to say a massive thank you for everything everyone has done to run Keyworker school. It’s a huge credit to you all for making a positive difference in this difficult time.

Thank you for caring for X, for all the support, kindness and fun! Thank you also for the support you have all given us as parents, the video messages and emails, it’s made a big difference to myself in feeling connected and supported."
(Parent - March 2021)

"We just wanted to say a huge thank you to you for everything you have done to continue providing an ongoing education for all the children during this recent lockdown. It must have been an enormous amount of work and I am sure we speak for all parents when we say how grateful we are.

We are very grateful, too, for the regular communication from the school which has helped us to feel connected during this odd time.  We have enjoyed your video messages!

We wish you luck as school returns, and pray that the students and staff will settle back into school life quickly.  You have our full support!"
(Year 9 Parent - March 2021)

"My son is in Year 9 and I just wanted to email to express my sincere thanks to yourself and all the staff at Trinity for how they have supported both parents and students through the challenges of Covid to date.  Your personal video messages and letters, along with those from staff have been greatly appreciated, always providing clear guidance and reminding of the close nature of the Trinity school community.

The standard of teaching and personalisation that the teachers have managed to provide to my son, including regular recognition of his work standard, has been exceptional, particularly given the challenges they must certainly face supporting children online and in the classroom whilst juggling lives outside school. 

I  just wanted to let you know that I believe the standards yourself and your team  have achieved have been exceptional."
(Year 9 Parent - March 2021)

"As we’re approaching the return to school, I’d just like to express my thanks to you all for making for whole experience of home schooling as painless as it could be.  The provision of lessons has been great, as well as emails from head of year and our son's form teacher keeping in touch.

All the best for the 2nd half of this academic year."
(Year 8 Parent - March 2021)

"We absolutely loved Dr Pawson's welcome message which matched exactly our beliefs as a family, as well as the ethos…

We chose Trinity School as our first choice, despite both of our children passing the 11+ exam, because of the school's outstanding values and principles.  We commend the emphasis the school places on inclusion and the school's aim to help every child achieve their potential in a wide range of skills, not solely academic.   

We are just so thrilled that, in an area stifled by the grammar school system, a school like this exists for our children.  We would like to thank you for all the hard work and determination that has gone into creating such a place, and we look forward to joining your school community."
(Prospective Parent - March 2021)

"We couldn't ask for a better, caring educational setting for our son during these unsettled times. So impressed with the support he has received at such an important time in his life. Exemplary."
(Year 13 Parent - March 2021)

"I would also like to take the opportunity to thank you and her teachers for all the efforts and support you have afforded X.  It has been so heart-warming to hear all the positivity she has received for all her hard work."
(Parent - February 2021)

"We very much appreciate the support that has been provided, during the past 6 weeks - please keep up the good work!"
(Parent - January 2021)

"I just wanted to quickly write and say how well we think Trinity is doing with their on-line teaching.  My daughter is busy working every day and loves receiving feedback from her teachers.

Thank you for all the support you are offering."
(Parent - January 2021)

"Thank you to all staff who have worked so tirelessly through lockdown to ensure that the children are managing home-schooling - both mentally and physically. It has been tricky for so many."
(Parent - January 2021)

"Please pass on our thanks to all the staff for the fantastic provision you have delivered to the children. It's a very difficult time and we really do appreciate how hard school staff are working."
(Parent - January 2021)

"I just wanted to take a moment to email you to say thank you to you and all the staff for the work you’ve done tirelessly this term. I cannot imagine what it’s like running a secondary school in a Pandemic! We’ve really appreciated the emails from teachers."
(Parent - January 2021)

"Thank you, and thank you all so much for your support! It is very much appreciated!"
(Parent - January 2021)

"Thank you for your email and please pass on our thanks to all the staff for the fantastic provision you have delivered to the children. It's a very difficult time and we really do appreciate how hard school staff are working."
(Parent - January 2021)

"I have been impressed with the communication from the teachers regarding the work, sending emails of praise and encouragement."
(Parent - January 2021)

"The love and support of the school has been outstanding and we will never forget this."
(Parent - January 2021)

"Thank you so much. I think you are all Saints doing all these live zoom sessions without being able to see the kids. Please send my thank you and good wishes to all the other teachers. We, as parents, can’t thank you enough for all you are doing."
(Parent - January 2021)

"Kind and uplifting emails such as yours do help and we’re all grateful for all that you and your colleagues are doing. I hope you’re able to enjoy your half-term break too!"
(Parent - January 2021)

"We just wanted to say a big thank you to all the Year 8 teachers.  Over the last two weeks they have adjusted the work set on SMHW to be the perfect amount – each lesson takes an appropriate time, the work is interesting and varied and the arrangements about submission are clear."
(Year 8 Parent - January 2021)

"Thank you to you, and also to the rest of the teaching staff, for all your hard work & efforts during this difficult time."
(Parent - January 2021)

"You are all doing so amazingly well in these very odd times. I couldn’t do your job in a million years and I honestly don’t know how you cope!!  

Thank you for all your work and for keeping us informed!! "
(Year 8 Parent - January 2021)

“Just to let you know that my son is really enjoying the home schooling now and finding the mix of live lessons and recorded lessons works well for him."
(Parent - January 2021)

“I just wanted to say how pleased we are with the home learning provided by Trinity. Our daughter seems much more engaged this time round and I really think the ‘praise’ emails are helping to keep her motivated. Please pass on our thanks to everyone- I know that teaching is not easy in these difficult times!"
(Parent - January 2021)

"I just wanted to take a few moments to say a big thank you to all of the staff at Trinity who are putting so much effort into providing a quality home learning experience for the students. Can I also thank the staff for their efforts with feedback which from a student perspective are extremely motivating. My son enjoys the email contact and also was delighted to receive a positive postcard last week.

We are fully aware of how much time and effort must be going into creating lessons and feeding back on such a regular basis"
(Year 7 Parent - January 2021)

"I’d also just like to say how successful we have found the mix of live lessons alongside the video lessons. As an adult who gets exhausted with a couple of hours of zoom I’m thrilled for the students that Trinity is not enforcing whole days of live lessons."
(Year 7 Parent - January 2021)

"Just a note of thanks from myself to thank you and your colleagues for providing an excellent home learning platform and for continuing to support the children remotely."
(Parent - January 2021)

"We sincerely appreciate yours and all the teachers efforts when it comes to the challenge of teams teaching."
(Parent - January 2021)

"Can I also pass on our thanks to all the teachers too. We’ve had such rapid responses and feedback when needing help, even though we know it can’t be easy."
(Parent - January 2021)

"We would just like to say thank you to the teachers who are currently providing live lessons for their students."
(Parent - January 2021)

X is really enjoying the live aspect... Mr Watts and Mrs Beattie are putting considerable effort into these lessons and we really appreciate this."
(Parent - January 2021)

"Just a quick note to express my thanks to all the Trinity teachers, my children are having a very good experience of home schooling, it is well structured and a good mix of live/recorded lessons.

X is receiving some lovely feedback from her teachers for her diligent work, and the teachers are equally deserving of such praise in return."
(Parent - January 2021)

"I have been absolutely blown away by the care, kindness and support she has received from school. It has made such a huge difference. I had always been lead to believe the pastoral support she received at primary would not be sustainable at secondary, you have proved that wrong, and in the toughest of circumstances.You are all doing such an amazing job and I just thought you probably needed to hear it."
(Year 7 Parent - January 2021)

"I just wanted to send my thanks and appreciation for the hard work that is being put into making the remote learning experience so much more bearable than I’m used to! So thank you again to Dr Pawson and the whole team. Your efforts really are so appreciated."
(Year 7 Parent - January 2021)

"Thank you so much for all your positive emails. Our son is so proud when we receive your messages. For the first time in his education, he feels he has been noticed for his academic strengths and not just his sporting abilities. The power of positive feedback and recognition is so beneficial to children, especially in these difficult times.

Since being at Trinity, science has become his favourite subject! He continues to be enthusiastic, even in lockdown. Thank you for taking the time in your already busy and crazy timetable to deliver a live lesson. I think science is one of the subjects where he misses the classroom environment to be able to answer all your questions so the live lesson was much appreciated!"
(Parent - January 2021)

"My husband and I would like to thank you for continued support in these most challenging of times. Both myself and my husband appreciate the continued commitment shown by you and your colleagues in providing the level of educational provision to our daughter."
(Parent - January 2021)

"Many thanks to you and all the staff for your continuing hard work in managing this situation, we really appreciate all your efforts."
(Parent - January 2021)

"I cannot thank everyone at Trinity enough for the way you are running everything through this challenging time. Please pass on our huge thanks to all the staff."
(Parent - January 2021)

"Thank you so much , that’s absolutely great!! Many thanks for all your hard work and support, it means a great deal to us."
(Parent - January 2021)

 "While @GavinWilliamson encouraged parents to report schools to @Ofstednews, we would like to give our school @trinity7oaks an "Outstanding" for dedication to our children, teacher commitment and excellent remote learning."
(Parent - January 2021)

"As with everything else associated with schooling during this challenging time, I'm really impressed and grateful to you and all the staff for your tremendous work."
(Parent - January 2021)

"Can I just take the opportunity to thank you for all your hard work, we think the staff at Trinity are doing such an amazing job at this difficult time and we're so grateful."
(Parent - January 2021)

"I would also like to say thanks to you and everyone at Trinity, the quality and effort that has gone into the online learning is fantastic. It must be a huge amount of work for all the staff. We do appreciate it."
(Parent - January 2021)

"she asked me to share with the wider school how grateful they are for the care and support they have had from the school, they are very impressed with the care they have had and how hard everyone is working for them."
(Parent - January 2021)

"We really appreciate all you and the other teachers at Trinity does for our children."
(Year 11 Parent - January 2021)

"I must say how much better the home-schooling is this time around. Much more organised & structured and the live tutor meetings help give the week structure too, so the school are doing really well."
(Year 9 Parent - January 2021)

"We are enjoying the pre-recorded lessons…Thanks so much for all you’re doing!"
(Parent - January 2021)

"Very best wishes and thank you to all the teaching and non-teaching staff for all they are doing in these unprecedented days"
(Year 8 Parents - January 2021)

"We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone at Trinity for all their hard work in putting together a successful and engaging home learning package. Our children are coping well, despite missing their friends, and seem engaged and well supported every day.

Feedback and communication, albeit an email or a live catch up, reassures them when they’re perhaps feeling a little lost and this noticeably boosts their motivation and mood which, from a parents point of view, is vital for their well-being."
(Year 7 and 9 Parent - January 2021)

"Just a really quick note to say what a wonderful job you and your staff are doing.  

It’s not ideal, my children would rather be in school but your home learning is excellent and in our experience keeps the boys working in line with their usual school day.

Everyone is struggling on some level but the dedication and effort of your team is clear to see."
(Parent - January 2021)

"Thank you so much for these videos, they are much more personal than an email. You are all dong a great job at Trinity, thank you, it is much appreciated." 
(Parent - January 2021)

"Just a quick email to thank you and your staff for the incredible content of work you’ve made available for our daughter in year 7. She is feeling engaged and enthused by the lessons and teachers. I work in a school and know how incredibly difficult this time is for all your staff, and just want to thank you all for the incredible way you’ve risen to this challenge."
(Year 7 parent - January 2021)

"We just wanted to email to say thank you for the huge efforts you are all going to at the moment to ensure that remote learning is happening for all students. It must be incredibly difficult, but we so appreciate your clear and frequent communication, and the work being sent to our daughter."
(Year 9 Parent - January 2021)

"I just wanted to say a big thank you for your messages with updates about the new school regulations that are made via the government. 

You and the staff at Trinity are all amazing and I just wanted to say a BIG thank you."
(Year 11 Parent - January 2021)

"This is a quick note to wish you all a healthy and restful Christmas, and to thank you for all the communications that you have been sending out this term to parents and the support you've given the students. I am sure it has been a particularly challenging term and will continue to be so for a little while yet.  I certainly appreciate the short videos keeping us up-to-date and for the communication that comes our way…Anything you do to help us feel connected with the School is gratefully received during these strange times."
(Year 8 Parent - December 2020)

"Massive grateful thanks to all the hard working staff at Trinity School, you are truly amazing.

Wishing you all a safe and peaceful Christmas break, no one deserves it more!

Keep up the good work, you are very much appreciated, even if it’s not often voiced."
(Parent - December 2020)

"We just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to you and your team.  What an amazing job you are doing, all your efforts are so appreciated."
(Year 7 Parent - December 2020)

"We just wanted to pass on our immense gratitude and thanks for all you have done to teach and encourage our children in their learning this year.

Thank you so much for your commitment and dedication, for your kindness and for the constant updates and information.

Once again we have to acknowledge how privileged our children are to attend Trinity."
(Parents - December 2020)

"We just wanted to say a big thank you to you and your incredible staff for supporting our children and carrying on providing teaching throughout this ever changing situation.

We feel incredibly lucky that my son has had no interruptions to schooling at all and my daughter only had to miss the one week. The online learning and support to Year X has been outstanding.  

Thanks to the teachers for putting themselves at risk every day and I really hope everyone gets to have a restful and well deserved wonderful Christmas break."
(Year 7 and 11 Parent - December 2020)

"We just wanted to extend our gratitude to everyone at Trinity School Sevenoaks for their hard work, patience and dedication during this time of great unpredictability, uncertainty and in the face of never-ending changes to regulation! 

I'm certain many of you have dealt with additional work strain and pressure whilst facing great personal challenges as well.

Seeing our children come home each day with funny stories, the sparkle back in their eyes… is very fulfilling as a parent."
(Parent - December 2020)

"As school closes for the Christmas break, we just wanted to say a huge thank you to you, the teachers and all of the staff at Trinity for all your incredible hard work this year - not only teaching our children, but coping with all of the extra challenges that 2020 has presented - it must have been extremely stressful, and we appreciate all your efforts."
(Parents - December 2020)

"All Trinity staff have been amazing this year, it is greatly appreciated."
(Parent - December 2020)

"Just wanted to thank you and your team at Trinity for guiding the school so well through an unbelievably difficult year.

We can’t begin to imagine the tough decisions you have had to make in an ever changing situation, knowing how much rests on those decisions."
(Year 12 Parents - December 2020

"I collected the goodies for X last evening - what a wonderful, generous gift it was! Thank you so much. X was really touched by it and very grateful. We never cease to be amazed by the kindness and generosity of Trinity. It is truly an exceptional school. You do a fantastic job!"
(Grandparent - December 2020)

“I really like the adults in pastoral. They are really kind and looked after me"
(Student - November 2020)

‘….I feel very lucky to work here now. I wouldn’t want to be at any other school!"
(Teacher at Trinity - November 2020)

"…thank you and your staff for all you are doing to keep Trinity running as normally as possible in these difficult times. Our prayers are with you as you make tough decisions and judgments.

We are so grateful that Trinity provides such a rich experience for our two grandchildren…"
(Grandparent - November 2020)

“Thanks again to all at Trinity who are working so hard to ensure the students get the best education and school experience in such difficult circumstances. It’s appreciated."
(Parent - November 2020)

"Thank you so much for your positive feedback about my son’s homework. He is thoroughly enjoying science and worked very hard on his knowledge organiser. He was extremely proud to have received recognition for his effort. 

Thank you to you, Mr Cleeve and Mr Holvey for capturing X’s love of learning for science, it is wonderful to hear him so enthusiastic."
(Parent - October 2020)

"One thing that struck me when we were in the Trinity building was that X seemed to come alive. That is exciting to see. I believe that in an environment where he comes alive, and that really cares about him as an individual - he could go on to great things."
(Prospective year 6 parent - October 2020)

"We wanted to thank you and all your staff for making X's first few weeks at secondary school so special. She has settled so quickly, and is absolutely loving all Trinity has to offer. Your ethos and obvious care for each child is truly evident and we could not be happier with our choice for X.
Contact from members of your staff to tell us how she is doing is such a great bonus!”

(Parent -  October 2020)

“X is really enjoying school and is very happy. Thank you for making his transition into Trinity so smooth and positive.”
(New Year 7 Parent - September 2020)

“I can confirm that X is delighted to be a student at Trinity.”
(New Year 7 Parent - September 2020)

“She literally just came in and was beaming!!  She has settled in very well which I am very pleased about.”
(New Year 7 Parent - September 2020)

“He was excited to start and just got slightly overwhelmed when he reached the school gate and remembered how large the school was, how many people were there and of course six months away from school life suddenly felt daunting on returning. Thanks to Mr Watts and yourself for helping him recover so quickly from his anxieties as he came home singing the praises of all the staff he met and of how much he loves the school.

Since then he has gone from strength to strength, grown massively in confidence over the last 4 days, getting more and more independent by the day and yet still staying true to his innocence and kind heart. We are thrilled that he is settling in so quickly and to hear from you that he is making such a wonderful first impression on yourselves and his fellow classmates.” 
(New Year 7 Parent - September 2020)

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for helping X settle in this week. She has come home smiling every day. It has been such a relief to have had such a great start to her journey with Trinity.   Looking forward to working with you to help build X’s future.” 
(New Year 7 Parent - September 2020)

“I must also thank you for being her form tutor. She thinks you are always happy and is delighted to be in your form too.

All her pre-school nerves (and mine!) have been blown out of the park this week. She has loved it so thank you for helping to settle her in so well.”
(New Year 7 Parent - September 2020)

“I just wanted to email to say that X and X had a really great first day at Trinity yesterday. They felt safe and secure and are looking forward to the rest of their Trinity journey with you all. 

As parents, we have been pleased with all of the transition arrangements in such difficult circumstances and we believe that all the staff have done a great job.

Thank you again for a great start.
(New Year 7 Parent - September 2020)

“I want to take this opportunity to add how impressed we have been with Trinity’s communication, planning & implementation to get the children safely back into school. My son has thoroughly enjoyed his first week at Trinity, and has said how pleased he is to have the opportunity to attend the school.”
(Parent - September 2020)

“As the new term starts I wanted to take a moment to formally express our gratitude for the phenomenal effort displayed by your teaching staff throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. As a parent, I have felt incredibly proud and fortunate that X and his learning, have been so well supported by your team. He is naturally apprehensive about returning to school tomorrow but was reassured by the video explaining the new procedures. The teaching team appear to have expertly struck the balance between education and pastoral care and as a family we are so grateful that he is part of the Trinity family. Please pass on our sincere thanks to X's teachers as we wish you all a safe and healthy return to the classroom.”
(Parent - September 2020)

"Thank you for creating a safe school environment, I can confidently call it my second home"
(Year 12 student - July 2020)

"just wanted to say thank you for greatly influencing my love for English and my life, you made me absolutely love English and each week i couldn’t wait until I had another English lesson.

You opened my eyes to Shakespeare and Macbeth like no one else could’ve. I used all my notes from your lessons for my GCSE, even when you’d taught me over a year ago by then. 

You are one of the greatest teachers I’ve ever had"  
(Year 12 Student - July 2020)

"To all the staff at Trinity,

I am so impressed with your handling of this difficult scenario. The communication between school and parents, and all the lessons set for the students has been first class.

I can’t imagine how difficult this must have been for you all, especially for those teachers with families to manage. So well done and thank you so much. I hope you all get the rest you deserve over the summer. God bless."   
(Year 7 Parent - July 2020)

"I am so glad she is coming to Trinity, it is going to be the making of her I am sure, I really get the feeling that she will finally start to realise her potential. I've come away with complete trust that you will all do the absolute best for her and a feeling that I do not have to worry at all, which is a massive relief."   
(New parent Year 7 - July 2020)

"I will miss Trinity so much, and I do wish I had of grabbed more opportunities from school. But I am grateful and thankful for everyone who has helped, supported and laughed with me when maybe we should have been crying! It has honestly been the best two years of my life, and also allowed me to realise a lot that I never thought I would.

….and I will keep each and everything that Trinity has taught me in my years there and take them through my whole life."  
(Year 11 student - June 2020)

"I wish I found myself writing this email at the end of the academic year.  Unfortunately, this is not going to be the case. Therefore, here I am writing a line containing the most grateful of thanks for you, your team and everyone at Trinity who has been supporting X throughout his time there.  Not only have you have supported him with his academic development, but I am sure that, upon completion of his exams had these taken place, he would have considered you THE teacher who opened his eyes and gave him some hope to believe in himself and his own abilities."    
(Parent - June 2020)

"I just wanted to let you know that you have amazing staff, which I think you already know."   
(Parent - June 2020)

"Thank you to the staff who were really friendly and reassuring and who made everything feel very normal which she was so reassured by. 

Best school in the world. 
(Year 10 parent – June 2020)

"I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude to you and your team (teaching and non-teaching staff) for their hard work and dedication.

My children have been well prepared for their lives ahead and further studies at (hopefully) University. You may like to know that X has an offer to study bio chemistry at St John’s college Oxford. I believe that the support and encouragement he received from everyone at Trinity during his GCSEs has directly contributed to this achievement. A year ago I couldn’t imagine X going to University, but with the support he has received from the 6th form team this is now a possibility."   
(Parent - May 2020)

"I just want to say thank you to you all for everything you have done, and are doing, in these challenging times.  This week must have been a total nightmare for you all. You have kept us well-informed and at all times we have had faith that the school is doing everything it can to support students and their families."   
(Parent - May 2020)

"We just wanted to express our thanks for your supportive messages, and our appreciation of all you are doing to endeavour to plan and change with the ever evolving and highly challenging situation. A testimony to the strength and unique ethos of the Trinity team."   
(Parent - May 2020)

"On behalf of the X family we want to thank you for your effort and support you have given the pupils not just over the last month, but during the course of the last year.  From behind the scenes we could witness the hard work put in daily and the continual drive to improve the teaching quality and experience for the pupils.

We also want to say a heartfelt thank you for the way you have nurtured X over the previous 5 years.  Once Trinity was formed we had no hesitation sending our children to Trinity as we believe in the ethos of the school.  Thanks for delivering on the trust we had in you.  Even though this will not be the end of the road for X at Trinity it is a special milestone in her education and one in which she will look back on fondly."   
(Parent - May 2020)

"I hope you are well in these troubled times. Trinity has been excellent with their communications along the way and we as a family thank you for this."   
(Parent - May 2020)

"Please could you pass our thanks on to Dr Pawson and his team, his regular updates have been reassuring and my son appears to be well supported through this time of Virtual Schooling, both academically and in terms of continuing nurture through the various means of contact. We really appreciate how challenging this time has been, in terms of school leadership, and wanted to pass on our thanks - our observation is that the Trinity response has really confirmed what we already knew, the calibre and ethos of the Trinity team."   
(Parent - May 2020)

"My time (along with the people) at Trinity will always hold a very special place in my heart and I'd like to personally thank you for all your work at our school.

Whilst I am not a Christian myself, I really feel that attending a faith school has enriched my life in so, so many ways and created a secondary school experience for me that I believe I'd have struggled to find anywhere else."   
(Year 13 student - May 2020)



"I just wanted to write to say thank you for the amazing communications during these difficult and very unique times."   
(Parent - April 2020)

"Thank you so much for safeguarding our children and for your professionalism and care."   
(Parent - April 2020)

"I am sure I speak for all parents when I say how impressed I am by everything Trinity School is doing in light of the awful situation ourselves and our children find ourselves. It’s so reassuring to have the support of such a wonderful school."   
(Parent - April 2020)

"I just wanted to say a big “thank you” to you and all of your staff for what an amazing effort and support you are to the students, in supporting them in their education at this chaotic time."   
(Parent - April 2020)

"We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude and thanks to you and your team. The tremendous effort and determination by you and your team to ensure our children can still access a level of education in such difficult times is commendable."   
(Parent - April 2020)

"Please pass on our heartfelt thanks and support to Dr Pawson and all of the incredible staff at Trinity."   
(Parent - April 2020)

"Both myself and my husband have had great faith in Trinity from the very first idea and meeting for a new school. We are very pleased that X wanted to start the first year and has grown into a fine young man. We are sad for him to leave…The school has come on in excellence and will continue to thrive."  
(Parent - March 2020)

"I just wanted to drop you a quick line to thank Trinity for opening up the world of Rugby to X.

Thanks to the collaboration/training program between Trinity and Sevenoaks Rugby Club a number of students have subsequently joined SRFC."  
(Year 12 Parent - March 2020)

"He was buzzing when he arrived back, full of stories and facts and photos!  They did SO much; he really enjoyed every single minute.  I know he will never forget it."  
(Parent, February 2020 – Iceland Trip)

"My son, X had a wonderful time.  He thoroughly enjoyed the skiing and also getting the opportunity to make new friends.  He has come home a different boy, no longer wanting to spend all his free time on the Xbox, but instead wanting to go outside and be active."  
(Parent, February 2020 – Austria Ski Trip)

"Despite the commitment involved in the journey, we chose Trinity School as we felt it was a unique place where the whole young person would be nurtured and where X could flourish in her faith."  
(Parent - February 2020) 

"Just wanted to let you know that X, really enjoyed the ‘Prayer space’ day, she came home so excited to tell me all about it! She loved all the different booths, she told me about the prayer tree, the homeless box you could sit in and the video to watch, it sounded so interesting and really captured their attention. What a great thing to experience! Many thanks to you and your team for all your hard work and dedication and making an impact on these young lives."  
(Parent - February 2020)

"X has had a very positive attitude at home too and I’m sure this is down to school" (Parent - February 2020)

"Without the commitment, kindness and care from your staff I don’t think X would be where he is today - which is in school for the majority of the time and the improvement in his confidence and general well-being has been clear for all to see. With support he is catching up and building the foundations which he missed last year.

We feel X is very lucky to have such caring people in his life at school. They are an absolute asset to Trinity. I’m sure you are already very aware of that, but the school has had such a positive impact on our family that I wanted to pass on our thanks and praise for your staff team."  
(Parent - February 2020)

"X absolutely loves school, and has already been inspired, nurtured and blessed by yourself, Anna, and many other teachers. Trinity really is a unique and special place."  
(Year 7 parent - February 2020)

"I just wanted to mention something we witnessed this morning (which even made my 3 boys' heads turn)! 

There was some litter on the pavement along Kennedy Gardens near the entrance to St. Johns school.  One of the girls (there's usually 3 of them we see most mornings) just scooped it up off the floor and binned it, it wasn't hers, she didn't have to but ... she did.

Very impressed!"  
(Member of the public - February 2020)

"The support that X is being given at school to help him be the best he can be is bringing out the best of him. Long may it last!"  
(Parent - January 2020) 

"I wanted to write to tell you that I never cease to be amazed at the quality of the teaching staff at Trinity. My daughter is in Year 10 now and we have always had very informative and prompt responses to any emails on issues she may have had. When I have mentioned this to friends with children at other secondary schools they are amazed because they do not get similar support from their own children’s schools"  
(Parent, January 2020)

"Parent tours: It was a relaxed and genuinely enlightening experience and I feel very positive about the choice of school we made for both our children."  
(Parent - January 2020)

"It was very obvious whilst we were there that our children really are cared for at school.  As parents, this is something we hope for in a secondary school and I can see why both our boys are happy at Trinity."  
(Parent - January 2020)

"It's very reassuring that the school takes such a proactive approach to safeguarding their pupils"  
(Parent - December 2019)

"It looks like the attention is working. X are very grateful for many thing in relation to your approach to helping X, and we’re all delighted with all that you’re doing. Thank you very much.  We’ve talked about how you manage to balance being a mother with your work at Trinity, and about how challenging that must be.... You clearly have your heart in your work, quite an inspiration, and we make x aware of this."  
(Parent - December 2019)

"I just wanted to sincerely thank you for all your help in getting X to school on Monday/ Tuesday.  You went way more than the ‘extra mile’ for us and obviously managed X in a compassionate, caring way…"

"I can’t tell you how much of a comfort it is that he has someone at school he knows has proven that she is ‘clearly in his corner."  
(Parent - December 2019)

"I think the fact that you are trying to get to know him and encouraging his positives makes a huge difference to him" 
(Year 7 Parent - November 2019)

"She’s thoroughly enjoying her schooling, which we are very thankful for!" 
(Parent - November 2019)

"X is very happy at Trinity and we are pleased that it shows!" 
(Year 9 parent - November 2019)

"He speaks very highly of you as a brilliant teacher (his words) and your lessons." 
(Year 9 parent - November 2019)

"Last week the Deputy Head of X Primary School stopped me in the street to tell me that the Trinity Sixth Form boys going up there on Wednesday afternoons are the best student volunteers they have ever had from any school. Then a parent of one of the children approached me to say that her daughter just loves X who serves in her form – it makes her day to have him in school." 
(Parent - October 2019)

"I have now been at Trinity School for 6 weeks and I am amazed already.

It has been a great pleasure attending my lessons so far, and every teacher has been supportive, kind and respectful.

I hope you have a great rest of the week, and enjoy the rest of the time until half term" 
(email received from Year 7 student - October 2019)

"Yet again a real affirmation of our choice of Trinity as being the best place for our son to be part of so that he grows in all meanings of that word, and has the best chance of attaining his potential and being happy in his life choices ahead. We are grateful to the whole Trinity team for providing this great learning environment and community." 
(Year 12 parent - September 2019) 

"I just wanted to say an huge thank you to you and all of the Trinity staff for making the new Year 7s feel so welcome at school this week - my daughter, has just finished her first week, and is absolutely bursting with excitement and enthusiasm about the whole experience!  She has gone off to school happily every morning and is settling in amazingly well - and the same appears to be the case for many of her friends who have joined at the same time. We are looking forward to a great school year ahead for both of our daughters." 
(Year 7 parent - September 2019) 

"We are very grateful for all the hard work that has been put into the last five years and I wanted to express my thanks to the Teachers and Support Staff at Trinity School for making the school such an asset to the local community." 
(Year 11 parent - August 2019)

"…thank you for the time you invested in the GCSE group this year - I know how much XXX appreciated all you hard work."
(Parent - July 2019)

"…thought I should let you know that my boys love Trinity and we highly recommend it to anyone we meet!"
(Parent - July 2019)

"As XXX first year at Trinity draws to a close we thought it right to thank you and your team for a job well done!

He settled in to Trinity school life incredibly quickly and his confidence has soared this year.

We are so incredibly grateful to you…for allowing him to enrol at Trinity and his progress this year has been testament to the teaching and guidance he has received. He is so happy at school and is eager to learn and grow.

Please pass on our grateful thanks to the rest of the teaching team…”
(Parent - July 2019)

"I just want to extend my thanks to Trinity for hosting such an inspiring open morning. I thought the school looked terrific in the summer sun. Dr Pawson’s address was also very inspirational, and I like the way the focus is on the individual child and fulfilling their potential, and the concept of kindness and service. Doesn’t the world need a bit more of this! I know my daughter X would thrive here."                                                    (Prospective parent – July 2019)

“I would like to take this opportunity to highlight the excellent behaviour of your students that I witnessed as part of The Scholars Programme at Goldsmiths University on Saturday 13th July 2019.

As a Headteacher myself, I would like to commend the students for their polite and respectful behaviour; they are excellent ambassadors for your school. This undoubtedly stems from the hard work of your staff who were directly involved in The Scholars Programme, coupled with the collective efforts of your whole school team. Their commitment to high expectations and embedding your school values is clearly visible in the positive attitudes and exemplary behaviour demonstrated by your students.” 
(Headteacher - 2019)

“Just wanted to say thank you for this morning’s coffee and tour with Mr Pawson. Great to see the school on a normal working day. My son is so enjoying school life, long may that last.  Always good to have a happy child. It does confirm to me that we made the right choice of school for him.” 
(Year 7 parent – 2018)

“I have been absolutely blown away by the support and teaching that X received this year. I made a leap of faith many years ago to send X to a school that had no building no teachers etc., but it has been an absolute pleasure to watch the school evolve into what you have achieved today.

So again just a great big thank you from me for the support, care and encouragement that you all showed X.”
(Current parent)

“I just wanted to say how absolutely uplifting last night’s concert was.

From start to finish, every single act/year group performed exceptionally well. From singing solo to harmonising the children blew the audience away! The costumes, make up and choreography were delightful. Please congratulate the staff involved and pupils!”
(Parent – March 2018)

“I just wanted to thank you all for an informative and enjoyable tour and talk. Staff and children alike seemed calm, relaxed and at ease despite the obvious pressures today must hold for you.

I was particularly enamoured by the students who choose to stand up in front of so many people and give a speech. All of them were exceptional with their own individual styles and it is exactly this which reaffirms the choice we made together with our son who is currently in year 8 and the choice which we will no doubt make with our daughter who is currently in year 6.”  
(Parent - 2018)

“I just wanted to say how impressed I was with the outstanding performances from the year 10’s drama assessment yesterday!! They all did amazingly! But all this could not be possible without the dedication, support and guidance they take from your teaching so I wanted to thank you for all your hard work and commitment.

I think you are fantastic teachers and these students are very lucky to have you!!”
(Parent – May 2018)

“X’s teaching style has really struck a chord with my son – he’s opened his eyes to the enjoyment & possibilities of the sciences – their breadth & depth. As a direct result of X’s impact, my son has aspirations of taking science on into A-levels (Physics & Biology – he’s less certain about Chemistry…), GCSE results allowing… “
(Parent Governor – March 2018)

“I just wanted to say congratulations to the Trinity students that caught the new no.1 bus that goes through Riverhead and Chipstead, I was one of only two adults using the bus yesterday and the behaviour of your children was impeccable, they were friendly, happy and very very sensible!

They were a credit to your school and their parents!!!”
(Passer-by – March 2018)

“Just a quick email to say how I loved the open evening and your school! And I will be putting you as first choice for my twin boys for 2018 and will keep my fingers crossed.

But the main reason for emailing is to let you know how amazing our year 7 guide. What an amazing ambassador for your school. She showed us everything we needed to see and patiently waited whilst we participated in activities, she also explained the school’s expectations of each and every student, showed my boys how her timetable worked and pointed out and explained all areas. She was fabulous!!”
(Prospective parent – October 2018)

“…said that she absolutely loved the school, the atmosphere was so friendly and seemed genuinely so, the teachers were young, passionate and enthusiastic, and the environment light, fresh and bright.”
(Prospective student – October 2018)

“Today I attended the Open Morning at Trinity School with my son. I just wanted to feed back what a credit the children at the school were to all of us visiting parents. We had a young girl in year 7 together with a young man from year 8 who were helpful, polite and shared so much information and answered every question we had. We were also hugely impressed with the presentations by each of the young people at the Headteacher’s talk.

Thank you for confirming our prayers and our wishes that it would be made clear as to the school that we should apply for our son – it helps that Trinity School is the one he wishes to attend. Our application will be forthcoming!!”
(Prospective parent – October 2018)

“Please thank all the young people, as well as the 6th form who assisted on car parking duties who all assisted to make it such an affirming visit. Thank you finally to Mr Pawson who encouragingly demonstrated the priorities of the school through the vision and the ethos of the school. It is easy to have words, but more important to live these out daily through the school.”
(Prospective parent – Open Evening 2018)

“Trinity came across to us as a very caring, safe, nurturing environment.”
(Prospective parent)

“What a terrific bunch of dedicated teachers.”
(Current parent)

“I’ve come away from the school feeling very positive about not only my children’s future, but going forward, the school’s future.”
(Current parent)

“I was particularly enamoured by the students who choose to stand up in front of so many people and give a speech. All of them were exceptional with their own individual styles and it is exactly this which reaffirms the choice we made together with our son who is currently in year 8 and the choice which we will no doubt make with our daughter who is currently in year 6.”
(Current parent)

“I think you are fantastic teachers and these students are very lucky to have you!!”
(Current parent)

“I’ll be brief – but my main point, which I can’t emphasise enough, is to say how much I valued the parent tour. This was partly because the things I found out about the school were exceptionally impressive – which obviously makes a huge difference to us as parents – but it was also simply because of the fact that you wished to engage with parents in this way. Thank you!”
(Current parent)

“We would like to thank you and hope you can pass on our thanks to your team at Trinity who took the children Skiing last week.

X had an incredible week and we are grateful for all you did to make this such an enjoyable and worthwhile trip.”
(Current parent)

“My son is so enjoying school life, long may that last. Always good to have a happy child. It does confirm to me that we made the right choice of school for him."
(Current parent)

"We really are so impressed with the revision sessions and every other aspect of the support available.  Our daughter is feeling the love from Trinity.  The kindness and consideration is very much appreciated here."
(Current Year 11 parent)

"We put our faith in Trinity from the very beginning and you have delivered on every level. We think you are an amazing school with amazing teachers and hope you continue to go from strength to strength." 
(Current Year 11 parent)

"You have given him a fantastic confidence boost and helped him achieve his full academic potential and set him up for the next stage of his journey."
(Current Year 11 parent)

"My child has been very lucky to be part of the Trinity family." 
(Current Year 11 parent)

"Thank you to all the teachers for organising. A wonderful way to finish at a wonderful school.  Thanks for everything over all these years, X wouldn’t have gone from a shy quiet little boy to the confident young man he is today without Trinity and all its staff." 
(Year 11 parent)

"The school has been a massive credit to X and for that I am truly grateful." 
(Year 11 parent)



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