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The Pastoral Team

Our pastoral team consists of:

Senior Leadership Team

Deputy Headteacher- Miss T Steel


Key Stage 3

Head of Key Stage 3 - Miss D Cross-Henley 

Assistant Head of Key Stage 3 - Miss V Taylor

Pastoral Lead - Miss L Liebenhals

Pastoral Lead - Mrs S Willis


Key Stage 4

Head of Key Stage 4 - Mrs N Thomson 

Assistant Head of Key Stage 4 - Mrs L Weston 

Pastoral Lead - Mrs E Bentley-Seale

Pastoral Lead - Mrs M Private


Key Stage 5

Heads of Sixth Form – Mr R Shaw & Mrs N Bourne

Assistant Heads of Sixth Form - Mr K Welsh & Dr K Barford

Sixth Form Administrators - Mrs H Copp & Mrs S Wilson



Attendance - Ms E Manfredi Cromie & Ms L Miles

Fresh Start - Mrs C Day

Pastoral Lead - Mrs C Manaktala

Chaplain – Mrs A Graham



SENDCo – Mr S Taylor

Deputy SENDCo - Mr C Watts

Assistant SENDCo – Mrs C Davidsen





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