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At Trinity School, we are committed to ensuring our school is a safe, welcoming and inspirational place for your child. Every student will be treated as an individual and will be respected, valued and celebrated.

Students’ skills, aptitudes and talents will be nurtured and encouraged by staff and peers.

Pastoral Team

Our pastoral team consists of:

Key Stage 3

Head of Year 7 - Miss C Clarke (leading a team of 6 tutors)

Head of Year 8 - Mr C Watts (leading a team of 6 tutors)


Key Stage 4

Head of Year 9 - Mr J Roylance (leading a team of 6 tutors)

Head of Year 10 - Ms M Stevenson (leading a team of 6 tutors)

Head of Year 11 - Mrs N Miles (leading a team of 6 tutors)


Key Stage 5

Head of Sixth Form – Mr R Shaw (leading a team of 4 tutors)



Chaplain – Mrs Anna Graham



SENCO – Mr S Taylor

Assistant SENCO – Mrs E Bentley


Pastoral Senior Leadership Team

Deputy Headteacher - Mr J Davies

Assistant Headteacher and Safeguarding Lead - Miss T Steel


Pastoral Leads

Mrs A Whitbourn - Year 8 and 9

Mrs S Willis - Year 7 and 11

Mr R Monton 

The pastoral team is central to ensuring the success of our students through developing relationships and providing support; intervention and guidance. They are responsible for caring for our students alongside monitoring their academic and social progress, encouraging involvement in the wider school and helping to develop the ‘whole child’.

Students will be encouraged to be aware of the needs of others and will be expected to support one another.

Where applicable, the pastoral team will liaise with external agencies and specialist staff to support the needs of the students.

Meet Bertie, our school dog who plays a growing role in supporting students and staff.





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