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Dress Code

  • A formal tailored suit (not tight fitting) comprising of a dress, skirt or trousers and a jacket of the same, plain coloured material.  Matching waistcoats are acceptable
  • Ties/bow ties must be worn with a collared shirt and properly tied
  • Jackets must be worn at all times
  • Trousers must reach the ankles and not have stripes down the side
  • Skirts, trousers and dresses made from a stretch fabric must still allow the garment to drape and not be figure-hugging.  Denim, “jean style”, or leather are not allowed, but an understated traditional pattern in the cloth (e.g. herringbone, pinstripe) is acceptable.
  • No leggings, Capri pants or footless tights are permitted.
  • A smart formal blouse or fitted shirt must be worn. Both must have sleeves, must be long enough to cover the midriff and must not be low cut
  • If a jumper or cardigan is worn, it must be plain (one colour, no patterns) and fine knit (chunky/loose knit is not acceptable).  Sweatshirts/jumpers with a zip or logos are not permitted.  The blouse/shirt must be visible, not hidden beneath a jumper. Jumpers may not be worn without a jacket and may not be hooded.
  • Underwear should not be visible
  • T shirts, denim or lumberjack shirts are not acceptable.
  • If a skirt or dress is worn, it must be of a respectable length, this being knee length
  • Dark, unobtrusive short socks may be worn instead of tights
  • Skirts that ride up due to over stretchy material and sculpted, body-hugging skirts are not acceptable.
  • Shoes must be smart, not have exaggerated soles or heels (maximum heel height of 3 cm) and must be formal in style
  • Flip-flops, soft shoes, trainers or sandals are not allowed
  • Dungarees are not acceptable
  • In the summer term only, you may choose to wear a formal sleeved dress (that reaches knee length), with a smart tailored jacket. Floaty or beach style dresses are not acceptable
  • Students may be permitted to remove their jackets in lessons if the member of staff permits this


  • Hair must be a natural colour, may not be extreme in style, and should not be shorter than a number two cut
  • Long hair may require being tied back to keep it neat and tidy
  • Hair should not obscure the eyes
  • Any facial hair must be neatly trimmed


  • Make-up and jewellery should be kept to a minimum
  • If ears are pierced, only one small earring per ear is allowed. No other visible piercing is allowed
  • Nails, including false nails, should be of an appropriate length and colour, plain and non-patterned.  Multi-coloured, bright or garish coverings are not permitted 


The Head of Sixth Form is the ultimate arbiter of what is acceptable for uniform. The Head of Sixth Form also reserves the right to use discretion on all aspects of appearance that lie outside of this policy.  Failure to comply will result in appropriate sanctions as outlined in the behaviour for learning policy.

The School will consider carefully any request that is made to vary this policy to meet the needs of any individual pupil to accommodate their religion or belief or because of temporary or permanent medical conditions. Such requests should be made in writing to the Headmaster giving at least 6 weeks-notice where possible. Trinity school wishes to ensure that its Uniform Policy ensures:

  • Health and Safety and in particular requirements with regards to jewellery and hairstyles
  • What students wear reflects what they would be expected to abide by in a professional environment once in employment
  • Security – one simple uniform worn by all pupils makes it easier for intruders to be identified
  • Teaching and Learning is not adversely impacted and that learning is promoted between groups who all feel part of the school identity
  • That pupils are protected from external pressures to wear clothing they would not otherwise choose to adopt, protecting them from harassment
  • That a strong cohesive school identity is in place that supports high standards and a sense of identity amongst pupils.

Not acceptable items therefore includes;

  • Denim, “jean style” or leather are not allowed
  • Skirts that ride up over the knee due to over stretchy material, sculpted or body-hugging skirts
  • Leggings, Capri pants or footless tights
  • Flip-flops, soft shoes, trainers or sandals
  • Underwear that is visible
  • Floaty or beach style dresses
  • T shirts, denim or lumberjack shirts
  • Sweatshirts/jumpers with a zip or logo
  • Brightly coloured nail coverings
  • Excessive amounts of jewellery
  • Visible piercing (other than 1 small pair of plain earrings)
  • False nails that are not of an appropriate length and colour as well as multi-coloured nails

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