STRENGTH Boys is a pastoral programme that is delivered to Year 9 students by our Chaplaincy Team. The course is designed to encourage, empower and equip our students to become mighty young men, as well as develop a greater understanding of personal worth, strength and purpose. Over 6 weeks a key 'truth' statement is considered and unpacked through a variety of creative ways and activities. Here's a breakdown of the course:

Week 1:  I am valuable.

Week 2: I am not alone.

Week 3: I have the power of choice. 

Week 4: I am resilient.

Week 5: I am Respectful.

Week 6: I have a hope and a future.


This is what has been going on so far: 

IMG 9204 PICTURE 8 Personalised number plate keyrings STRENGTH EXPLODING COKE
I AM VALUABLE 2 IMG 9247 IMG 8128 Screenshot (73)







Here are some STRENGTH boys comments: 

'It was fun and the lessons had value.' 

'I've respected my family more.' 

'I have potential to go as far as I want.' 

'It is very inspirational.' 

'It's made me think a lot about myself.' 

'I feel better.' 

'Yes (I would recommend) as you get free food and advice!' 


The STRENGTH Boys course underpins Trinity's vision and ethos, in that we believe that every young person is loved and valuable to God and that He has given each one unique gifts and talents. Our vision is that every student will fulfil their God-given potential, ready to serve others and equipped to be confident leaders in society. The STRENGTH Boys course reaffirms Trinity's vision each week through the truth statements.


PICTURE 8                     I AM VALUABLE 2IMG 8128                    I have the power of choice June 2023

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