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The Library

The library supports teaching across all departments at Trinity School and our aim is to encourage and nurture a love of reading in every child.  We place value on every student regardless of ability in their journey as an individual reader, recommending books which will also positively challenge and extend their abilities in literacy and comprehension.

Whether students need to research for homework or choose a book to read for leisure, they are very welcome in the library.  The Library Team are happy to assist students with any queries they may have. 

Please refer to the Library code of conduct for the full list of expectations.

Library - Key Information

Library Team: Mrs Sullivan & Mrs Harris


Opening Times:

Before School

8.30am - 8.45am


10.15am - 10.35am


12.40pm - 1.20pm

Refer to timetable on library door for lunchtime access.

After School

3.30pm - 4.30pm (closed Tuesday)

Sometimes the library is closed for meetings, training, exams etc. Students should check the sign on the door before entering.


Library Newsletter. Refer to the library newsletter section for details.


Click on Trinity Book Matters for book related fun activities and literacy inspiration.


Sora, theSora student reading app. Students can borrow eBooks and audiobooks by downloading the free Sora app or visit Sora, select Trinity School and sign up with their school login details. Sora can be used on all major devices and tablets (except kindles).You can also add your local public library to browse and checkout titles from their collection too. Click here for further details.


Book Awards Book Club - Wednesday Lunchtimes. If any student would like to join the book awards club please email the library for details.


Carnegie LogoThe Yoto Carnegie MedalClick here for details. The Carnegie Book Club runs during the Summer Term.



PageTurners Annual Themed Book Awards for teenagers and young adults. Over fifteen South East secondary schools participate.  Each year a different theme for the awards is chosen and ten shortlisted books selected. The reading cycle starts in September and culminates in an awards gala evening where the winning titles are revealed live. This annual event takes place in March with guest authors and is hosted at Kent College, Pembury. For further details click here


PageTurners Book Awards Club runs during the Autumn and Winter terms.


PageTurners Annual Themed Book Awards Gala Evening – Thursday 21st March 2024

0160 trinity0203 authors stage0022 bookstall 1Since September a number of students have been participating in the PageTurners book club, meeting weekly in the library to read and discuss a range of books based on the theme “Turning the Page to Tomorrow”. On Thursday 21st March we attended an Awards evening at Weald of Kent Grammar School, Tonbridge along with other local schools participating in PageTurners. The evening was great fun and well attended. Students were invited to come in fancy dress and submit creative responses based on the theme with prizes for the most creative. Light refreshments were provided as well as book vouchers to spend at the event book stall run by Sevenoaks Bookshop. Students listened to guest authors Nicola Penfold and Lauren James as well as various pre-recorded authors. The evening ended with the announcement of the Award winner which was The Survival Game by Nicky Singer. The Library Managers would like to thank those students that took part for their exemplary behaviour and enthusiasm over the last few months.




Exciting activities take place for World Book Day in March click here and National Poetry Day in October click here.


World Book Day 2024

Library 1Trinity School celebrated World Book Day on Thursday 7th March. The Library was decorated in a Home Front WW2 theme representing ‘When the Sky Falls’ by Phil Earle, a very popular book with students.

Year 7 were invited to come dressed in fancy dress representing a book or a character, with prizes being awarded for the most creative or imaginative costume. We were impressed with the range of books represented and the creativity that went into some of the costumes.

Student activities took place throughout the day including a mystery readers challenge in the library, an alternative book title quiz and a book treasure hunt round the school for Year 8 students.


Book related competitions run every term. All entries receive a reward.

Library Newsletter

How the Library works

  • Find what you want to borrow.
  • Have your book issued and stamped at the issue desk (see the library managers).
  • Look after the books while you have them. Students may borrow 1 book at a time for up to 2 weeks.
  • Return on time via the returns cabinet outside the library (due date is stamped in the book) or see the library team to renew.

Trinity Library charges a replacement book cost of £5 for any lost or damaged books.  If a student cannot return something on time, please see the library managers who will be happy to renew it for free.

Students are reminded that most resources in the library are in some sort of order and need to be kept in the right place. Books taken off the shelf must be returned to the issue desk, so they can be put back in the correct place.

Years 7 and 8 students are unable to borrow Young Adult books unless they have written permission from their parents/carers.  Please contact the library managers for further details.

Students are asked to follow the library rules (code of conduct) displayed in the library. The library is a calm space for students wellbeing and to provide a quiet area for those who wish to read and/or study. 

Students who require assistance with finding a suitable book are asked to complete this Book Selector Questionnaire.  

Library Induction


Books in the library are generally fiction/stories or non-fiction/information.

There is a main non-fiction section where most subject information books can be found. These books are arranged in number order. Each subject has its own ‘class’ or ‘Dewey’ number and these books are organised on the shelves by their class number ranging from 0 to 999.

Other non-fiction sections include a reference section with GCSE revision guides and a careers area to help students with decisions about their future when they leave Trinity. A selection of books are available to support and encourage students in our self help resources section

A selection of monthly subscription magazines are also available.

Fiction (story) books are arranged in author surname order. The main sections are: general fiction which includes a selection of dyslexia friendly books and young adult including A level Literature with recommendations from the English Department. Others include graphic novels, classic literature and Christian fiction.

Library Code of Conduct

PLEASE REMEMBER when you use the library:


The books are in order so please keep them that way - books taken off the shelf must be returned to the Issue Desk so they can be put back in the correct place.


Food and drink should not be consumed in the library.


Sensible behaviour is expected.


Speaking quietly enables others to read or work.


Taking care with the furniture ensures a pleasant environment.


Books need careful handling, or they fall apart. Be careful with food and drink in your bag.


Politeness to staff and each other is expected.


Books need to be returned on time to enable other students to use them.


Reading Lists

Click on the links below for a comprehensive list of suggested books across year groups 7 to 10.  

The Interest Level indicates which age group a book is suitable for, based on the content and theme.

Interest Level

Age (in years)
LY - Lower Years

5-8 years

MY - Middle Years

9-13 years

MY+ - Middle Years+

12+ years

UY - Upper Years

14+ years


Year 7 Reading List

Year 8 Reading List

Year 9 and 10 Reading List

Online Resources

Kent Libraries

BBC Bitesize


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