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“Choosing the right secondary school for your child is an important decision and it is essential that you have the correct information as to how the system works. Parents are sometimes given to understand that they might not get in to a particular school if they do not put it as their first preference. This is not correct.

Parents should name their schools in genuine preference order. It is the local authority (Kent County Council) that coordinates school applications; individual schools do not know in which order of preference they have been named. Pupils are always ranked in accordance with each school’s oversubscription criteria.

This means that you should name the school that you would most like your child to attend as your highest preference, not the school you think you are most likely to get. It is the case that if more than one of the schools you name can offer a place; the local authority will always offer you the school named as the highest available preference.

So the order in which you rank schools does matter, but as an expression of your preference and nothing else.”

Roger Gough
Member for Sevenoaks North and Darenth Valley
Cabinet Member for Children, Young People and Education

Please take a look at our admissions policy below and ensure that you read it fully before completing any forms. The admissions policy recognises two types of place:

  1. Faith Places, for children of families who regularly attend a Christian Church.
  2. Open Places, which are available to all applicants.

The admissions policy will help you to decide which type of place to apply for. We also have a supplementary application form for Faith Applications.

Admissions Policy 2020 (Yrs 7-11)

Admissions Policy 2021 (Yrs 7 -11)

Supplementary Application Form for Faith Applications

Applications for school places are run through the Kent County Council (KCC) admissions system.

Secondary Transfer applications for 2020 entry in Year 7 can be submitted via KCC between 2 September 2019 and 31 October 2019

Supplementary Application Forms to apply for Faith places can be submitted to Trinity School from 2 September 2019 and need to be received by 14 November 2019 latest

Visit Kent County Council website


If you have not been offered a place at Trinity School, the law entitles you to appeal against that decision to an Independent Appeal Panel.  This panel is completely independent of the school and the Local Authority. Appeals are usually held at the school.

If you wish to appeal, please down load an Appeal Form here 


Please note this is a new process for appeals.  Please do NOT use the Kent County Council (KCC) form or send your appeal form to KCC. This could delay your appeal hearing. In addition, it is suggested that you download this explanatory leaflet about appeals which you should read before you complete the appeal form.

Explantory Leaflet

The appeal form is in Word format. The panel would prefer the form to be typed, but handwritten forms are acceptable. Please use black ink and ensure that the Clerk can read your details, including telephone numbers and email addresses, clearly. ‘Signatures’ may be typed.


  • Last day for lodging appeal forms for a place in Year 7 to start in September 2020 to ensure that your case will be heard in the first tranche of appeals:

Friday 27 March 2020 - 4.00pm

You MUST state the reasons for your appeal and supply documentary evidence at this stage. Appeal forms and other information may be emailed to (preferred method) or posted to:

           Clerk to the Independent Appeal Panel, PO Box 367, Cuffley, Herts EN6 4XZ

Please note: appeals received after this date may not be heard until the second tranche of appeals which could be in September 2020.

Following the publication of emergency Regulations and Guidance, the appeal panel has considered these. The timetable will NOT be altered, but the hearings will take place using either video conferencing, telephone conferencing or in your absence using the paperwork submitted.  The Clerk will write to parents to ask them to make a choice.

  • The Stage 1 part of the hearing will be held online with parents linking into the meeting  by video or telephone link.   It will remain the case that Stage 1 will be held with other parents present.   
  • Stage 2 hearings (the individual private hearings), will take place on:

Thursday 21 and Friday 22 May 2020 depending on the number of appeals lodged.

Once again parents will be able to join the hearing by video, telephone or have their appeal heard in absence using the paperwork submitted.  

You will receive an invitation letter, giving details about your hearing, from the Clerk to the Independent Appeal Panel at least 10 days before the Stage 1 hearing.

Any additional or supporting evidence should be received by the Clerk by:

                Thursday 14 May 2020

You are advised that additional paperwork received on the day of the appeal hearing will not be taken in to account.  

Following the appeal you will receive a letter from the Clerk informing you of the decision of the independent appeal panel:

Please note: Due to the high number of appeals held at this time, this may not be sent until up to 2 weeks after the last hearing from the school.

If you have any questions, please contact the School Admissions Officer on


The last day for lodging appeal forms where a place is not available mid-term is:

28 calendar days from the date the appellant received notification that a school place was refused.

You MUST state the reasons for your appeal and supply documentary evidence at this stage. Appeal forms and other information may be emailed to (preferred method) or posted to:

Clerk to the Independent Appeal Panel, PO Box 367, Cuffley, Herts EN6 4XZ

All appeals will be heard as soon as reasonably practicable (allowing appellants at least 14 calendar days' written notice of an appeal hearing).

Late and In Year Admissions

We are happy to receive late and in-year applications. Please complete the Kent County Council In Year Application Forms as appropriate and return to the office by email or post.

In Year Application Form

Further information about moving schools during a school year can be found on the

Kent County Council Website



Sixth Form Admissions

For those considering joining the Sixth Form at Trinity School, please take a look at our Sixth Form Admissions Policy.

Sixth Form Admissions Policy 2018-19

Information about how to apply for a Sixth Form place can be found in our Sixth Form area.

Visit our Sixth Form area

Transport Links

We are ideally placed for excellent transport links. The following websites provide useful information for planning your journey to school:

Kent County Council – Bus Travel

Arriva Bus

Or contact them on 0871 200 2233

Go Coach

Or contact them on 01732 469800


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