Now Daniel so distinguished himself…by his exceptional qualities that the king planned to set him over the whole kingdom

Daniel 6: 3

Strive for excellence in everything you do.

This means that, for example:

  • Students make excellent academic progress
  • Students succeed in other activities such as sport and the arts
  • Students become lifelong learners

Excellence is a key value for Trinity school. We seek to be the best in everything that we do with no excuses.

Learning at Trinity is centred on a belief that outstanding learning requires students to be exposed to as broad a range of cultural, creative and personal experiences as possible. We are a school where the next piece of music a student hears or the next sculpture they see, may open up a new and entirely unexpected perspective on their life; where the next sporting or personal challenge may help them to understand they have reserves of character they never thought existed; where the next member of the community they support shares an experience from their life which changes a child’s outlook on their own future; where the next country they visit may make them see their career choices in a new and radically different context.

‘Education for life in its fullness’ allows the possibility that each day should be a challenge and an inspiration, and a segment in the developing picture of what each child might become. We want our students to learn, lead and inspire, but also to question everything, to examine every angle, and have the self-awareness and courage to be the person they wish to be.


What our Parents and Visitors Say

 The things I found out about the school were exceptionally impressive – which obviously makes a huge difference to us as parents


thank you again so much for the opportunity to learn more about the things that make Trinity clearly such a special school


I couldn’t get over how well behaved the children all are. They were all so engaged in their lessons and the whole atmosphere of the school was calm and peaceful


I attended the information evening and left fired up to make sure I was doing everything I can to give the right support from home


I was extremely impressed by all that I saw. From the introduction and welcome…the school buildings themselves; the engaging young ladies that showed us around and answered all the questions that we posed; the open classroom doors, yet no interruption to others; the orderly movement of children when they changed classrooms and the overall appearance of well-being and enthusiasm of all those involved in school




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