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Houses at Trinity School

The House programme is based on six Houses, these are named after prominent figures in history, these are:

Elizabeth Barrett – Poet
Michael Faraday – Physician & Chemist
Elizabeth Fry – Social Activist
Dr Martin Luther King – Minister & Leader of the Civil Rights Movement
William Wilberforce - Politician and Philanthropist
C.S. Lewis – Author

Developing togetherness and team spirit

The House system aims to build students’ team spirit, develop a sense of togetherness and foster pride when participating in the different competitions. Students have the opportunity to participate in three different types of challenge on a half termly basis, these are based on encouraging inclusivity as well as develop general knowledge and physical fitness, the categories are:

Mental – Developing general knowledge about the world

Physical – Allow students to push themselves to their limit

Creative – Demonstrate their artistic flair

An example of a challenge is shown below:

Creative: To cook or prepare food for someone else

Creative   cookingCreative   cooking 1

Students receive an Amazon voucher if they win the challenge, students can also feature in the newsletters sent home throughout the year.

Award 3Award 1

The House challenges encourage students to attempt new activities and an example of this is Nya’s vehicle made out of recycled material. These tasks also challenge students to work on projects to test themselves while also being part of a form and whole school team. Within each challenge is the basis of helping others or giving something back to the community as this is an important element of being a Christian

Car Model

Subject Challenges are also run throughout the year and students are allocated points for their efforts by the teachers setting these challenges. This encourages the departments to be part of the House competitions and broadens the reach of the system throughout the school.

The pictures below are an example of the competition entries students have submitted for the challenges.

Food Food 1
Cake Choc cake






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