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Prayer Space


Prayer Space is a place which is ‘set apart’ from the pressures of every day teenage life and the expectations of academic achievement. It allows students to think about the nature of prayer and how it can be used to help build a relationship with God. It follows a biblical theme. 
Prayer Space 2020 was based upon Jesus – 'I am the Light of the World'   John 8:12. 
The Prayer Space is set up so that there are different stations relating to different aspects of prayer. For example, students are encouraged to pray for the Wider World – this year the focus was on the homeless (linked to the work of London City Mission) and modern day slavery. 
The Cross is central to the Prayer Space and students take time to sit at the foot of the cross and are encouraged to think about the great exchange that takes place – that Jesus paid the price for our sin and we can receive God’s forgiveness.
A ‘JOY’ board was created where students wrote prayers of thankfulness to God for aspects of their lives.
‘Creative Art’ allows students to partake in a collective piece of art work which reflected the theme of the Week - 'You are the light of the World'   Matthew 5:14-16.   We also had a clay station which reminded them of the verse 'Yet you LORD, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter, we are all the work of your hands'    Isaiah 64:8. 
During this week every student has the opportunity to engage in prayer – be that in an interactive and creative way or by spending time in quiet reflection. The feedback from students following the prayer space week is extremely positive. Many commenting that they wished they had ‘more time’ to spend in the prayer space.  


“It helped me concentrate and leave all the rest of the world and my worries behind” (Student Year 7) 

“It taught me God cares unconditionally”   (Year 8) 

“It was nice to pray to God”  (Year 9) 

“It made me think about what I am grateful for. It also helped me achieve peace of mind.” (Year 10) 

“It made me realise who I am and how I need to change the way I treat people.”  (Year 8) 

“[It helped me] to understand that there are so many things to pray about and to be thankful for”  (Year 12) 

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