As I have loved you, so you must love one another

John 13:34

Love unconditionally as Jesus does. Value one another.

This means that, for example:

  • Students feel happy and safe
  • Bullying is non-existent
  • Students are accepting of ‘tough love’
  • Students have high attendance

Pastoral Care

At Trinity, we provide a comprehensive framework of pastoral care. We do this by building a culture of love where we care for others.

All staff are available to offer support and advice. Students also have a form tutor they can always go to and the school has a chaplain who plays a valuable role in the life of the school. Senior leaders including the Headmaster are readily available to all students and are highly visible during lunch, break and before and after school.

Restorative Practices

We use Restorative Practice to create a harmonious learning environment where students are able to regulate their own behaviour and learning. Restorative approaches have been found very effective in improving behaviour and promoting a healthy atmosphere for learning. Research shows that schools using a restorative approach to behaviour management have found that they need to exclude less and that incidents of poor behaviour are decreased.

Restorative approaches are based on four key features:

  • Respect– for everyone by listening to other opinions and learning to value them
  • Responsibility– taking responsibility for your own actions
  • Repair– developing the skills within our school community so that its individual members have the necessary skills to identify solutions that repair harm and ensure behaviours are not repeated
  • Re-integration– working through a structured, supportive process that aims to solve the problem and allows young people to remain in mainstream education


What our Parents Say

Our children really are lucky to be part of such a caring, nurturing school with such good values


I am really enjoying being part of the team and feel honoured to work in such an amazing school

Staff member

To be able to achieve being an inclusive school takes a lot of energy from everyone involved


X’s impressions of the morning are summed up in a few simple words “Mummy, it feels like home

Prospective parent

We cannot be more appreciative for the kindness, professionalism and the wanting to help her with any little issues she may come across. To send her to school each day happy and wanting to go is a big deal for us and her, we don’t have to worry about anything…


It’s enormously reassuring to know that your team is so dedicated to the children in both their academia and their well-being



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