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Curriculum Overview

At Trinity, our curriculum emboldens the key values of the schools' founders so that all the young people in our care realise their inherent value, regardless of background, belief, or starting point. Through our curriculum, students learn that life is an amazing gift to be treasured and enjoyed. In addition, students learn to be curious; to think, try, create, learn, and play. Through this exploration they find their place in the world.  

“I have come that they may have life and have it to the full.” John 10:10 

At Trinity, our curriculum emboldens and gives context to the ‘Trinity Way’ (Truth, Excellence, Love, Leadership and Service).  Our aims are for students to seek and value truth, strive for excellence in everything, to love others and be leaders who influence in positive ways. Through our curriculum, each young person in our care develops the knowledge, skills and confidence to articulate what being a Trinity student truly means.  

At Trinity we give all our students access to a broad curriculum of traditional subjects which leads to strong intellectual growth and the acquisition of important subject and disciplinary knowledge.  

We arrange our curriculum in discrete subjects. These subjects provide a well-constructed and articulated framework for teaching and learning. Teachers are subject experts and are in the best position to select and sequence the components of the curriculum to optimise learning. We organise and structure each subject so that students are given a thorough grounding in the basics or essentials of each subject so that they build future progress on secure foundations. Our curriculum is designed to be challenging and aspirational and, as such, it embodies high aspirations for all our students.  

Citizenship is delivered through our Trinity LifeBites programme, which is delivered across subject areas and through regular form time. We have allocated the content to best reflect subject expertise. 

All students participate in Core PE at Trinity, gaining skills and knowledge which supports healthy lifestyles whilst at school and beyond. 

Please note this information is correct for September 2022. Our current provision reflects this closely.

Curriculum Statement

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