Founders' Beliefs

We believe that:

  • Every child is made in God’s image. This makes them beautiful and precious. Regardless of background, belief or ability they are infinitely valuable to God and to us.
  • Life is an amazing gift to be treasured and enjoyed. We want children to be curious; to think, try, create, learn, and play and in this exploration to find their place in the world.
  • Jesus is the best example of a life lived in all its fullness. We want children to know about Jesus, his life and teaching and to offer them the opportunity of following him.
  • God has given us rules for society to flourish. Children need to be well disciplined in order to live and learn together. Learning self discipline will help them grow into responsible adults.
  • God wants to set young people free from worries about things like friendships, self-image and guilt. We want our students to be full of hope and free to achieve their full potential.
  • God has given us families. We want to work with parents and other responsible adults in educating the children in their care.
  • God wants us to live and work with others, not on our own. We want to help children learn this by taking their place in a caring, inspiring and encouraging community.
  • God wants us to be people who serve others and the wider community. We want children to experience the joy of serving each other and those beyond the school.
  • Respect for God is the beginning of wisdom. We want children to leave school with a moral framework that will last them a lifetime.
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