Posted on: 30/01/2024

Year 11 & 13 Globe Theatre Trip

We took our year 11 and year 13 students on a trip to see Shakespeare's Globe. The theatre is a scale replica of the original, and near it's original site. Students were taken on a tour of the building, they learned about the box office, how sound effects were made, the effects of performing in a wooden structure, and in the open air, and without any modern PA system - it was fascinating. Live rehearsals for an upcoming performance of Romeo and Juliet were taking place on stage, and we watched the actors at their craft.

Then, students went into one of the Globe's own rehearsal spaces, and took part in an exciting drama workshop, looking at excerpts from the play we're studying together, Othello. With the expert guidance of a professional actor, students explored how reading the text aloud can bring it to life, and ways to consider the character's motives, mood, actions and reactions. We're excited to take our learning from the trip back into the classroom.



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