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Sport at Trinity School

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Truth: Be honest and do the right thing (Abide by the rules)

Excellence: Support others to achieve (Engage fully, allow others to perform and attend training)

Love: Treat others how you want to be treated (Sportsmanship, compassion and resilience)

Leadership: Lead self. Lead others (Demonstrations and officiating)

Service: Help others and look after the environment (Supporting peers & teachers when faced with adversity)



What is the Trinity School PE kit?

  • Trinity black and purple polo shirt
  • Trinity black and purple shorts or skort (optional) or a plain black pair of shorts or plain black skort
  • Plain black tracksuit bottoms/plain black leggings may be worn in cold weather
  • Trinity ¼ zip jumper
  • Indoor supportive trainers (non-marking soles and also no Vans/Converse)
  • Moulded football boots (no blades are allowed) or Astro Turf trainers

NB if football boots are bought, indoor trainers are also required. Astro Turf trainers are suitable for indoor and outdoor surfaces. If the correct footwear is not purchased, students will be unable to access PE lessons on the All-Weather Pitch.

  • Optional – Black football socks
  • Optional – Trinity sports holdall
  • Optional – plain black “skins” for cold weather
  • Optional – White sport socks
  • Optional – Trinity reversible rugby top

Uniform is available from Horncastles in Sevenoaks or via their website


Term 1 and 2 Extra Curricular 2023-24









Recreational Sport

Recreational Sport

Recreational Sport

Recreational Sport

Recreational Sport

After School


U18 Rugby Academy Training (AKI)


U18 Football Academy Training (EXT)


Cheerleading Competition Squad (EXT)


Y7, 8 & 9 Netball (JTA)


Y7&9 Football (EXT)


(Staff CPD)

GCSE intervention (DCH & JTA)


Y10 & 11 Netball (AGA)



Y8 &10 Football (EXT)


Basketball club (JSU)

Staff Sport

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