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Sport at Trinity 

The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential…. these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.



At Trinity School Sevenoaks, we pride ourselves in using the power of Sport to develop the whole person; body and mind. We strongly believe that through the positive benefits of exercise students can develop their physical skills and sporting prowess as well as their social skills, resilience and teamwork. As a department, we also understand how critical sport can be in the current increasingly pressurised academic climate and we actively promote sport being used as an opportunity for students to maintain a positive well-being; physically, mentally and emotionally. We have, therefore, developed a comprehensive and diverse range of extra-curricular activities to suit all interests and ability levels.

For those students interested in competitive sports we have a selection of sports that we regularly represent, both at local and regional level. These sports include;


Rugby Netball Handball


Athletics Rounders Cricket


We have a highly successful Netball Academy, run by our Netball specialist Mrs Hester Fletcher, and Rugby Academy, run by our Rugby specialist Mr Andy Forester from Sevenoaks Rugby Club. In the Sixth Form we have a Football Academy, currently run by Mr Sherwood, which has been highly successful in their competitions.

View all Fixtures, Teams and Results here

For students who prefer more recreational activities we have a comprehensive and diverse extra-curricular program that is tailored to encourage them to be life-long participators in a healthy active lifestyle. Our recreational programme changes throughout the year dependant on sporting seasons and is constantly evolving based on students’ interests. Currently we offer:

Table Tennis

Badminton Tennis Athletics

Ultimate Frisbee

Volleyball Dodgeball Fitness Club


We aim to strengthen opportunities for students who are more aesthetically inclined by introducing Dance, Trampolining and Gymnastics into our core program of activities. 

We also have an internal Sports Ambassador’s Programme and Sports Leadership Ladder that students can work towards from year 7 through to year 13. The Ladder develops student leadership qualities and characteristics which can be applied to all aspects of their school life. The Leadership Ladder encourages students to approach sport in a different way and apply their skills to coaching, officiating, news-reporting or managing a team. The Sports Ambassador Programme provides students with opportunities to work with their local community and we expect all Sports Ambassadors to assist in the delivery of community-based sports programmes whether that be primary school based or at a local sports club.

Throughout the next academic year, we aim to improve House spirit, community and teamwork with an Inter-House Competition Calendar within PE; creating high-quality competitive opportunities for all students. The Inter-House calendar will include Winter, Easter and Summer Inter-House competitions culminating in a grand finale at our prestigious Sports Day event in July.

Please take a look at the current terms clubs below:

Club Schedule: Spring Term 2019-20

For all the latest Sports News:

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