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Key Stage 4: Years 9, 10 & 11

We offer a personalised curriculum, working together with students and parents, to ensure that students are following a Key Stage 4 programme of study that is wholly appropriate to their needs.

The option blocks at Key Stage 4 are intended to facilitate this and all students are encouraged to consider taking either Geography or History as well as a language. The curriculum allows students to progress at the appropriate rate in all subject areas.

The options package at Key Stage 4 is individually tailored for each cohort of students, subject to staffing audit and group viability. We always plan to offer GCSE courses for most subjects, with a smaller number of technical qualifications such as BTECs available.

In line with our local focus, we want to involve parents as much as possible in both student choice, which will shape what is offered, and in the monitoring and support of children’s progress throughout their schooling.

Key Stage 4 Curriculum Booklet

Key Stage 4: Key Information for Parents and Students

The subject allocation per week can be viewed below as well as other detials about Key Stage 4.  

For further information about anything on this page, please contact the school office or relevant member of teaching staff by visiting our Contact Us page.

Subject allocation: Years 9 & 10

Years 9 and 10:


Lessons per fortnight

(each lesson is 1 hour)

Maths 7
English 8
Science 10
PE 4
RS 4
Option A 4
Option B 4
Option C 4
Option D 4
Total 50


Subject allocation: Year 11



Lessons per fortnight

(each lesson is 1 hour)

Maths 8
English 10
Science 10
PE 2
Religious Education 4
Option A 4
Option B 4
Option C 4
Option D 4
Total 50


Religious Studies in Key Stage 4

We plan to deliver the full Religious Studies (RS) course in Key Stage 4, taking up 8% of the curriculum time. This percentage is not dissimilar to many state schools. Allowing students time to take the full RS course (rather than the short course) will mean that their RS qualification will count towards their own CV which may be useful for progression into the 6th form. The full RS course will also encourage students to make a well-informed decision regarding their own choice of belief.

We ensure that no student feels excluded and we encourage an understanding and respect for other faiths and their religious festivals. There are lunchtime clubs and homework clubs to support those who wish to go into more depth regarding other religions.

Enriching Education

Learning outside of the classroom is encouraged, with regular trips and visits. All students taking language courses, for example, should take part in at least a day trip at KS3 and a residential trip at KS4 where our three year curriculum has capacity to allow this.

The school works with partners in Higher Education to ensure that students are exposed to University experiences from Key Stage 4, offering an insight into the opportunities available and the qualifications and experience required to achieve their future aspirations.

Additional Resources

The Examination Board websites below contain information about all the courses, including specifications, resources, past papers and suggested text books:


OCR (Oxford Cambridge and RSA)



We asked Year 10 students what their parents did to support them with their studies.  Below is an overview of the those the students found most helpful!

How parents can support their children


Jennifer Low, a Registered Dietician, visited Trinity to speak to Year 11 about “Nutrition for your revision and exams”, providing them with key advice in the run up to their exams. Here is her presentation.

Nutrition for your Revisions and Exams


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