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Heads of House

Wilberforce BiographyBex fletcher website

My name is Bex Fletcher and I am the Head of House for Wilberforce. I am studying Maths, Geography and Sociology A-Level and am completing an EPQ on the psychology of terrorism. I wanted to be the Head of House for Wilberforce as I have been part of Wilberforce since day one and would love to leave a winning legacy for the house whilst making house and sports days inclusive and fun. Becoming Head of House would allow me to grow my leadership and organisation skills, valuable qualities for later in life.

Philosophy for leading my House: My philosophy for leading Wilberforce is for everyone to participate, try their hardest but most importantly enjoy themselves. 

Hopes for the year ahead: In the year ahead, I hope that the sports and House days are a great memory that will stay with everyone, but also that we do our best to win.  

Ben atkinson websiteKing Biography

My name is Ben Atkinson and I am Head of House for King this year.  I am studying Maths, Physics, and Religious Studies. My best memories from being at this school have come from taking part in Interhouse competitions (including House charity days) and I always loved the idea of taking on a lead role in my House. 

Philosophy for leading my House: Always put in 100% effort into what you do and never take the opportunities you get for granted. Be eager to take part in Interhouse competitions in order to show everyone that you are amazing, be eager to take on a lead role in a House charity day in order to show everyone how respectable you are, be eager to be the best that you possibly can and to never back down in the face of adversity. 

Hopes for the year ahead: with this year being my final year at this school, obviously I want to win silverware. However, my hope for this year is that our House has the most number of people taking part in Interhouse competitions. 

Barrett BiographyPaddy walton website

My name is Paddy Walton, and I am the Head of House for Barrett. Currently I am studying Geography A Level, Philosophy and Theology A Level and BTEC Sport alongside a Diploma in Sporting Excellence outside of school. I have been a member of Barrett House since Year 7 and many of my greatest movements have come from being a part of this House, especially the Interhouse sports competitions. Consequently I wanted to be Head of House when in Year 13 to help spread the importance of being in Barrett and it gives me a great opportunity to express my leadership alongside helping Barrett to continue as the greatest House at Trinity Sevenoaks.

Philosophy for leading my House: My philosophy when leading this House is all about making sure everyone has the opportunity to participate in competitions to express their ability as well as ensuring that everybody enjoys being a part of Barrett.

Hopes for the year ahead: My hopes for the year ahead are that everyone gives their all to help Barrett win the House cup and the Interhouse competitions.

Sam parks websiteFry Biography

My name is Sam Parks, and I am the Head of House for Fry this year. I am currently studying History, Geography and Business in the Sixth form, and hope to move on to university at the end of Year 13, which I am currently in. Being Head of Fry House is a great honour for me, as I have been in this House since Year 7 and have represented it many times in the past 6 years at Trinity. I hope to inspire all students to participate, and hopefully win House competitions, as well to make sure everyone has fun at the same time.

Philosophy for leading my House: I believe that Fry should ‘Never give up’. Although being a basic moto, it relates to all situations, as in many competitions we will find ourselves down or losing, as we need the belief to rise and hopefully win. Hopefully, by the end of the year, we are able to win trophies in competitions, which will give us the best chance to win the House cup at the end of the year.

Hopes for the year ahead: As well as this, I hope that everyone in Fry is inspired to compete, and hopefully win competitions for our House! Go Fry!

Lewis BiographyMillie rabbitt website

My name is Millie Rabbitt and I am Head of House for Lewis this year.  I am currently studying Sport, Business and Sociology in Sixth Form.

Why do I want to be Head of House: I am a keen sports player and have enjoyed all sporting events within school, this passion started in year 7. I have always been keen to lead my House within Interhouse competitions and sporting events furthermore act as a role model for students in younger years.  

Philosophy for leading my House: Actions must place the good team over the self-interest of the leader. We must maintain a high level of integrity, be able to clearly communicate. I will provide guidance and behave with maximum effort. 

Hopes for the year ahead: Due to COVID and restrictions, my goal for this year is for everybody to stay positive and optimistic within House events in addition be rewarded the Interhouse cup for highest participation within charity events.  

Will axelsson websiteFaraday Biography

My name is William Axelsson, and I am the Head of House for Faraday. I study Business, Sociology, Philosophy and Theology whilst completing an extended project qualification on the ethics behind CEO salaries. I have been part of Faraday since year 7 and always supported the idea of House events. Some of my favourite memories from Trinity have been from Interhouse tournaments. I have watched the House and school grow and I am happy to take a lead role in my House.  

Philosophy for leading my House: Approach every challenge with a can-do mentality and try your hardest in everything you do. This mindset will keep Faraday on top and open new opportunities for the House.   

Hopes for the year ahead: My hope for the year ahead is students become inspired to take the lead in their Houses at Trinity and that Faraday works together to win.   

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