Inclusions and SEND at Trinity

Trinity School is a fully inclusive school, available to all pupils regardless of race, ethnicity, gender or ability. We are committed to providing a broad and inspiring curriculum which is accessible to all of our students. We aim to identify any student who may have special educational needs early in their school life, and will put provisions in place to support their learning.

Our guiding principles regarding our pupils with disabilities and special educational needs are that we welcome and celebrate difference, diversity and individuality. For us, inclusion means making sure that every member of our community can easily understand access, feel part of and benefit from all that our school offers.

Moreover, we endeavour to recognise and remove or overcome barriers to learning, achievement and well-being; and to work towards meeting the needs of all our pupils irrespective of ethnicity, attainment, age, disability, gender or family background.

We are aware that some new students may not have achieved the expected levels in Key Stage 2 assessments and we have appropriate provision in place to promote these students learning. We offer small group tuition, class based interventions and other programmes in English and Maths to ensure that these learners can meet their full potential.

Our practice and development of provision for our pupils is informed by our Special Educational Needs (SEN) Policy and our Accessibility Plan.  

SEND Policy

SEN Information Report 2023

Accessibility Plan

Meet the SEN Team at Trinity School

Mr S Taylor SENCO

Mrs C Davidsen Assistant SENCO

Mrs T Robson SEN Administrator
Mrs M Fox

SEN Administrator


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