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Posted on: 16/12/2019

General Election 2019 Sky News

I applied to be part of the Sky News team covering the election across the Country following information given out in our Tutor Time and joined the count at Sevenoaks Sports Centre.  I had to do some training before the evening to make sure I was prepared and could use all of the equipment.  On the evening I arrived at the Sevenoaks Count location at 10pm and spoke with the observer and the counters.  I also spoke with the media that were there and the candidates for the Sevenoaks district.  At 3.10am I recorded the results of the constituency and then uploaded the results unto the sky news app!  A long night and quite tiring, but a really interesting experience to be part of.  My 18th birthday is the 19th December so it came a week too early for me to actually vote!

Louis Stone Year 13

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