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Trinity Diploma

The Trinity Diploma is designed to enable students to develop knowledge, skills and interests beyond their academic subjects.

The Trinity Diploma will help your son/daughter structure time and commitments beyond the classroom to develop knowledge, skills and interests. The Trinity Diploma awards personal development through co-curricular activities, leading societies and clubs, community outreach and off specification learning. The Trinity Diploma appeals to universities because it is evidence that students are active and well rounded young people – someone universities would want on their campuses.

By achieving this Diploma, your son/daughter will enhance their CV and personal statement which will help them to access top universities and career opportunities. We hope that the Trinity Diploma will also support your son/daughter to embody the Trinity Way, and therefore enjoy life at school, separate from the rigours of examinations.

Trinity Gold Diploma
(complete 5 out of 8)

Trinity Diploma
(complete 5 out of 8)

Completion of two terms of service

Completion of one term of service

Leadership of school society

Active membership of school society
Leadership of worship

Participation in worship

Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award

Duke of Edinburgh’s Silver Award

Participation in five or more House Competitions

Participation in three or more House Competitions

Regular performance for the school

(e.g. sport, drama, debating)

Performance for the school

(e.g. sport, drama, debating)

Leading a house day event

Participating in a house day event

Leading in subject competitions / enrichment

Involvement in subject competitions / enrichment

Complete two or more massive open online courses (MOOC)

(one must be a language)

Complete one massive open online course (MOOC)


It is our expectation that all sixth form students will complete the Trinity Diploma in Year 12. 

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