Work Experience

8 Steps For Finding Work Experience

  1. Use friends and family connections to find the best placement for you.
  2. Complete the Interests Quiz on Unifrog to consider your strengths and passions
  3. Make a list of career paths you are interested in and think about how a placement could link to them.
  4. Consider what skills you want to show on your Personal Statement for UCAS and how a placement could show these. 
  5. Make a list of the activities you most enjoy. What are your passions?
  6. Use the internet to find contact details for organisations you are already aware of or are particularly interested in, and use your local newspaper to find employers in your area. You can also use websites such as or to search for different companies.
  7. Use government websites such as the Youth Employment Website and the National Careers Service.​
  8. Consider where you could travel to.

Digital Work Experience

  • Barclays Lifeskills​
  • Future Learn​
  • Accentures Academy Skills to Succeed

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use my part-time job?

It is better to broaden your skillset. Unless your part-time job is prestigious, career-linked and looks impressive on your CV, it is better to try something new.​​

2. Can I ask family or friends to help me get a placement?

Yes - use your existing network to help you find the best placement for you. ​

3. I have work experience for one week. Can I use the other week to visit universities?

Yes, you could use this time for open days.  You could also do a digital work placement.​​

4. I have work experience for the whole three weeks. Am I going to need to catch up at school?

Staff will not be teaching new content during this time. Instead, they will be consolidating existing learning so you will not miss any major or as yet untaught units. 

5.  I have lost the email with the form. Can I get another one?

Yes, there is a link to the Form at the bottom of the webpage. 

6. I am really struggling. Can I speak to the Sixth Form Team?

Yes. Speak to your tutor first, and complete your 'Interests Quiz' on Unifrog. We can then go from there. 

During the Placement: How To Impress

Remember work experience is an opportunity to build a network and make connections. ​

  • Try to go 'above and beyond' while you are on placement - try to impress!​
  • Make sure you are on time and let someone know if you are going to be late on any day. 
  • Do speak to staff about your interests - they may be able to give you a more  bespoke placement. 
  • Keep their contact details for the future​
  • Make sure you thank them at the end with a formal written email.

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