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Selecting Courses in Key Stage 4

KEY STAGE 4: YEARS 10 & 11

Selecting courses

Students make choices at during year 8 and 9, selecting two Key Stage 4 courses to begin in year 9 and two to begin in year 10. All students still have regular Physical Education and Personal, Social and Health Education which are not examined.


All students study Mathematics, English Language and Literature, Sciences and Religious Studies.

In Science, students will either take separate sciences (3 GCSEs) or combined science (2 GCSEs), this is determined towards the end of the course with the decision depending on projected outcomes.


Students are supported in selecting preferences through information events, conversations with their subject teachers and careers advice such as the Morrisby survey.

In year 9, anticipating the start of Key Stage 4, students are able to narrow their focus by selecting two optional subjects, although all students remain studying Geography, History and a language.

In year 10 students pick a further two options, usually picking two subjects from Geography, History and their preferred language.

All courses finish in year 11, allowing students to transition to Key Stage 5 courses.


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