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Posted on: 02/03/2020

Ski Trip

What a week! The Trinity students were simply remarkable. Once we overcame the 'no screen time' ban in the evenings, students talked, socialised and boasted their skiing exploits of the day. The trip out was an overnight slog on the coach with the drivers getting us to Austria in time for lunch. With rooms allocated it was time to get our skis. Trinity set a new record of 1h and 15 minutes for all 90 of us to get our skis sorted! The following morning we were allocated our instructors and passes. Some students were learning to ski for the first time, others to refresh the basics and some of our more advanced skiers to brush off the cobwebs.

So what was the number one highlight for the trip? - A hot chocolate at the top of the mountain of course!

So apart from a few bumps and bruises along the way, the trip culminated by introducing lots of new skiers to the sport. Students made new friends and had a chance to show real determination and resilience. The trip wasn't without drama - we are glad that the first Trinity student to be rescued by helicopter is now safe and recovering back in the UK.

And never to miss an opportunity to thank the staff who gave up their time, and time with their families, to make this such a successful trip.


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