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What People Say

"Both myself and my husband have had great faith in Trinity from the very first idea and meeting for a new school. We are very pleased that X wanted to start the first year and has grown into a fine young man. We are sad for him to leave…The school has come on in excellence and will continue to thrive."  
(Parent, March 2020)

"I just wanted to drop you a quick line to thank Trinity for opening up the world of Rugby to X.

Thanks to the collaboration/training program between Trinity and Sevenoaks Rugby Club a number of students have subsequently joined SRFC."  
(Year 12 Parent, March 2020)

"He was buzzing when he arrived back, full of stories and facts and photos!  They did SO much; he really enjoyed every single minute.  I know he will never forget it."  
(Parent, February 2020 – Iceland Trip)

"My son, X had a wonderful time.  He thoroughly enjoyed the skiing and also getting the opportunity to make new friends.  He has come home a different boy, no longer wanting to spend all his free time on the Xbox, but instead wanting to go outside and be active."  
(Parent, February 2020 – Austria Ski Trip)

"Despite the commitment involved in the journey, we chose Trinity School as we felt it was a unique place where the whole young person would be nurtured and where X could flourish in her faith."  
(Parent, February 2020) 

"Just wanted to let you know that X, really enjoyed the ‘Prayer space’ day, she came home so excited to tell me all about it! She loved all the different booths, she told me about the prayer tree, the homeless box you could sit in and the video to watch, it sounded so interesting and really captured their attention. What a great thing to experience! Many thanks to you and your team for all your hard work and dedication and making an impact on these young lives."  
(Parent, February 2020)

"X has had a very positive attitude at home too and I’m sure this is down to school" (Parent, February 2020)

"Without the commitment, kindness and care from your staff I don’t think X would be where he is today - which is in school for the majority of the time and the improvement in his confidence and general well-being has been clear for all to see. With support he is catching up and building the foundations which he missed last year.

We feel X is very lucky to have such caring people in his life at school. They are an absolute asset to Trinity. I’m sure you are already very aware of that, but the school has had such a positive impact on our family that I wanted to pass on our thanks and praise for your staff team."  
(Parent, February 2020)

"X absolutely loves school, and has already been inspired, nurtured and blessed by yourself, Anna, and many other teachers. Trinity really is a unique and special place."  
(Year 7 parent, February 2020)

"I just wanted to mention something we witnessed this morning (which even made my 3 boys' heads turn)! 

There was some litter on the pavement along Kennedy Gardens near the entrance to St. Johns school.  One of the girls (there's usually 3 of them we see most mornings) just scooped it up off the floor and binned it, it wasn't hers, she didn't have to but ... she did.

Very impressed!"  
(Member of the public, February 2020)

"The support that X is being given at school to help him be the best he can be is bringing out the best of him. Long may it last!"  
(Parent, January 2020) 

"I wanted to write to tell you that I never cease to be amazed at the quality of the teaching staff at Trinity. My daughter is in Year 10 now and we have always had very informative and prompt responses to any emails on issues she may have had. When I have mentioned this to friends with children at other secondary schools they are amazed because they do not get similar support from their own children’s schools"  
(Parent, January 2020)

"Parent tours: It was a relaxed and genuinely enlightening experience and I feel very positive about the choice of school we made for both our children."  
(Parent, January 2020)

"It was very obvious whilst we were there that our children really are cared for at school.  As parents, this is something we hope for in a secondary school and I can see why both our boys are happy at Trinity."  
(Parent, January 2020)

"It's very reassuring that the school takes such a proactive approach to safeguarding their pupils"  
(Parent, December 2019)

"It looks like the attention is working. X are very grateful for many thing in relation to your approach to helping X, and we’re all delighted with all that you’re doing. Thank you very much.  We’ve talked about how you manage to balance being a mother with your work at Trinity, and about how challenging that must be.... You clearly have your heart in your work, quite an inspiration, and we make x aware of this."  
(Parent, December 2019)

"I just wanted to sincerely thank you for all your help in getting X to school on Monday/ Tuesday.  You went way more than the ‘extra mile’ for us and obviously managed X in a compassionate, caring way…"

"I can’t tell you how much of a comfort it is that he has someone at school he knows has proven that she is ‘clearly in his corner."  
(Parent, December 2019)

"I think the fact that you are trying to get to know him and encouraging his positives makes a huge difference to him" 
(Year 7 Parent - November 2019)

"She’s thoroughly enjoying her schooling, which we are very thankful for!" 
(Parent - November 2019)

"X is very happy at Trinity and we are pleased that it shows!" 
(Year 9 parent - November 2019)

"He speaks very highly of you as a brilliant teacher (his words) and your lessons." 
(Year 9 parent - November 2019)

"Last week the Deputy Head of X Primary School stopped me in the street to tell me that the Trinity Sixth Form boys going up there on Wednesday afternoons are the best student volunteers they have ever had from any school. Then a parent of one of the children approached me to say that her daughter just loves X who serves in her form – it makes her day to have him in school." 
(Parent - October 2019)

"I have now been at Trinity School for 6 weeks and I am amazed already.

It has been a great pleasure attending my lessons so far, and every teacher has been supportive, kind and respectful.

I hope you have a great rest of the week, and enjoy the rest of the time until half term" 
(email received from Year 7 student - October 2019)

"Yet again a real affirmation of our choice of Trinity as being the best place for our son to be part of so that he grows in all meanings of that word, and has the best chance of attaining his potential and being happy in his life choices ahead. We are grateful to the whole Trinity team for providing this great learning environment and community." 
(Year 12 parent - September 2019) 

"I just wanted to say an huge thank you to you and all of the Trinity staff for making the new Year 7s feel so welcome at school this week - my daughter, has just finished her first week, and is absolutely bursting with excitement and enthusiasm about the whole experience!  She has gone off to school happily every morning and is settling in amazingly well - and the same appears to be the case for many of her friends who have joined at the same time. We are looking forward to a great school year ahead for both of our daughters." 
(Year 7 parent - September 2019) 

"We are very grateful for all the hard work that has been put into the last five years and I wanted to express my thanks to the Teachers and Support Staff at Trinity School for making the school such an asset to the local community." 
(Year 11 parent - August 2019)

"…thank you for the time you invested in the GCSE group this year - I know how much XXX appreciated all you hard work."
(Parent - July 2019)

"…thought I should let you know that my boys love Trinity and we highly recommend it to anyone we meet!"
(Parent - July 2019)

"As XXX first year at Trinity draws to a close we thought it right to thank you and your team for a job well done!

He settled in to Trinity school life incredibly quickly and his confidence has soared this year.

We are so incredibly grateful to you…for allowing him to enrol at Trinity and his progress this year has been testament to the teaching and guidance he has received. He is so happy at school and is eager to learn and grow.

Please pass on our grateful thanks to the rest of the teaching team…”
(Parent - July 2019)

"I just want to extend my thanks to Trinity for hosting such an inspiring open morning. I thought the school looked terrific in the summer sun. Dr Pawson’s address was also very inspirational, and I like the way the focus is on the individual child and fulfilling their potential, and the concept of kindness and service. Doesn’t the world need a bit more of this! I know my daughter X would thrive here."                                                    (Prospective parent – July 2019)

“I would like to take this opportunity to highlight the excellent behaviour of your students that I witnessed as part of The Scholars Programme at Goldsmiths University on Saturday 13th July 2019.

As a Headteacher myself, I would like to commend the students for their polite and respectful behaviour; they are excellent ambassadors for your school. This undoubtedly stems from the hard work of your staff who were directly involved in The Scholars Programme, coupled with the collective efforts of your whole school team. Their commitment to high expectations and embedding your school values is clearly visible in the positive attitudes and exemplary behaviour demonstrated by your students.” 
(Headteacher - 2019)

“Just wanted to say thank you for this morning’s coffee and tour with Mr Pawson. Great to see the school on a normal working day. My son is so enjoying school life, long may that last.  Always good to have a happy child. It does confirm to me that we made the right choice of school for him.” 
(Year 7 parent – 2018)

“I have been absolutely blown away by the support and teaching that X received this year. I made a leap of faith many years ago to send X to a school that had no building no teachers etc., but it has been an absolute pleasure to watch the school evolve into what you have achieved today.

So again just a great big thank you from me for the support, care and encouragement that you all showed X.”
(Current parent)

“I just wanted to say how absolutely uplifting last night’s concert was.

From start to finish, every single act/year group performed exceptionally well. From singing solo to harmonising the children blew the audience away! The costumes, make up and choreography were delightful. Please congratulate the staff involved and pupils!”
(Parent – March 2018)

“I just wanted to thank you all for an informative and enjoyable tour and talk. Staff and children alike seemed calm, relaxed and at ease despite the obvious pressures today must hold for you.

I was particularly enamoured by the students who choose to stand up in front of so many people and give a speech. All of them were exceptional with their own individual styles and it is exactly this which reaffirms the choice we made together with our son who is currently in year 8 and the choice which we will no doubt make with our daughter who is currently in year 6.”  
(Parent - 2018)

“I just wanted to say how impressed I was with the outstanding performances from the year 10’s drama assessment yesterday!! They all did amazingly! But all this could not be possible without the dedication, support and guidance they take from your teaching so I wanted to thank you for all your hard work and commitment.

I think you are fantastic teachers and these students are very lucky to have you!!”
(Parent – May 2018)

“X’s teaching style has really struck a chord with my son – he’s opened his eyes to the enjoyment & possibilities of the sciences – their breadth & depth. As a direct result of X’s impact, my son has aspirations of taking science on into A-levels (Physics & Biology – he’s less certain about Chemistry…), GCSE results allowing… “
(Parent Governor – March 2018)

“I just wanted to say congratulations to the Trinity students that caught the new no.1 bus that goes through Riverhead and Chipstead, I was one of only two adults using the bus yesterday and the behaviour of your children was impeccable, they were friendly, happy and very very sensible!

They were a credit to your school and their parents!!!”
(Passer-by – March 2018)

“Just a quick email to say how I loved the open evening and your school! And I will be putting you as first choice for my twin boys for 2018 and will keep my fingers crossed.

But the main reason for emailing is to let you know how amazing our year 7 guide. What an amazing ambassador for your school. She showed us everything we needed to see and patiently waited whilst we participated in activities, she also explained the school’s expectations of each and every student, showed my boys how her timetable worked and pointed out and explained all areas. She was fabulous!!”
(Prospective parent – October 2018)

“…said that she absolutely loved the school, the atmosphere was so friendly and seemed genuinely so, the teachers were young, passionate and enthusiastic, and the environment light, fresh and bright.”
(Prospective student – October 2018)

“Today I attended the Open Morning at Trinity School with my son. I just wanted to feed back what a credit the children at the school were to all of us visiting parents. We had a young girl in year 7 together with a young man from year 8 who were helpful, polite and shared so much information and answered every question we had. We were also hugely impressed with the presentations by each of the young people at the Headteacher’s talk.

Thank you for confirming our prayers and our wishes that it would be made clear as to the school that we should apply for our son – it helps that Trinity School is the one he wishes to attend. Our application will be forthcoming!!”
(Prospective parent – October 2018)

“Please thank all the young people, as well as the 6th form who assisted on car parking duties who all assisted to make it such an affirming visit. Thank you finally to Mr Pawson who encouragingly demonstrated the priorities of the school through the vision and the ethos of the school. It is easy to have words, but more important to live these out daily through the school.”
(Prospective parent – Open Evening 2018)

“Trinity came across to us as a very caring, safe, nurturing environment.”
(Prospective parent)

“What a terrific bunch of dedicated teachers.”
(Current parent)

“I’ve come away from the school feeling very positive about not only my children’s future, but going forward, the school’s future.”
(Current parent)

“I was particularly enamoured by the students who choose to stand up in front of so many people and give a speech. All of them were exceptional with their own individual styles and it is exactly this which reaffirms the choice we made together with our son who is currently in year 8 and the choice which we will no doubt make with our daughter who is currently in year 6.”
(Current parent)

“I think you are fantastic teachers and these students are very lucky to have you!!”
(Current parent)

“I’ll be brief – but my main point, which I can’t emphasise enough, is to say how much I valued the parent tour. This was partly because the things I found out about the school were exceptionally impressive – which obviously makes a huge difference to us as parents – but it was also simply because of the fact that you wished to engage with parents in this way. Thank you!”
(Current parent)

“We would like to thank you and hope you can pass on our thanks to your team at Trinity who took the children Skiing last week.

X had an incredible week and we are grateful for all you did to make this such an enjoyable and worthwhile trip.”
(Current parent)

“My son is so enjoying school life, long may that last. Always good to have a happy child. It does confirm to me that we made the right choice of school for him."
(Current parent)

"We really are so impressed with the revision sessions and every other aspect of the support available.  Our daughter is feeling the love from Trinity.  The kindness and consideration is very much appreciated here."
(Current Year 11 parent)

"We put our faith in Trinity from the very beginning and you have delivered on every level. We think you are an amazing school with amazing teachers and hope you continue to go from strength to strength." 
(Current Year 11 parent)

"You have given him a fantastic confidence boost and helped him achieve his full academic potential and set him up for the next stage of his journey."
(Current Year 11 parent)

"My child has been very lucky to be part of the Trinity family." 
(Current Year 11 parent)

"Thank you to all the teachers for organising. A wonderful way to finish at a wonderful school.  Thanks for everything over all these years, X wouldn’t have gone from a shy quiet little boy to the confident young man he is today without Trinity and all its staff." 
(Year 11 parent)

"The school has been a massive credit to X and for that I am truly grateful." 
(Year 11 parent)




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