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Staff Email Addresses

Senior Leadership Team


Dr M Pawson Headmaster

Mr B Williams Deputy Headteacher
Mr J Davies

Deputy Headteacher 

Mr A Birks-Agnew

Senior Assistant Headteacher

Ms Z Loveridge Assistant Head

Mrs C Penfold Assistant Head

Mrs T Battley Assistant Head

Mr A Birks-Agnew

Acting​ SENCO

Data Protection Officer

Mrs K Partridge Business Manager

Chaplaincy Team

Mrs A Graham

Head of Chaplaincy

Mrs H Read

Service Programme Co-Ordinator

Exam Invigilator

Mrs C Heath Chaplaincy Administrator

Heads of Key Stages

Mrs A Turner Senior Pastoral Lead

Mrs A Whitbourn Pastoral Lead

Mrs C Manaktala Pastoral Lead

Mrs M Stevenson Pastoral Lead

Mrs D Bland Pastoral Administrator

Mr R Shaw Head of Sixth Form

Department Staff


Mrs D Rayfield Head of Department

Mr P Daulby Classroom Teacher


Business Studies

Mr R Shaw

Head of Department 

Acting Head of Sixth Form

Mr S Molsher

Raising Standards Leader

Classroom Teacher 



Mrs N Miles

Head of Year 10

Classroom Teacher

Miss N Searle Acting Head of Department 


Design and Technology

Miss A Howard Head of Department

Mrs K Gosling Classroom Teacher

Mr A Hurst Classroom Teacher

Mrs C Harrison Food Technology Technician

Mr N Mumford Design Technician



Mrs A Steane

Head of Department

Dr K Barford Classroom Teacher 

Mrs A Beattie Classroom Teacher 

Mr J O'Shea Classroom Teacher 

Mrs L Weston Classroom Teacher



Mrs A Sircar

Head of Department
Mr P Smith

Classroom Teacher



Miss H Collis

Head of Department 
Miss C Clarke

Classroom Teacher 

Miss J Whiteoak Classroom Teacher



Mr B Ross Head of Department
Mr S Fisher

Head of Year 8

Classroom Teacher 

Mrs S Cocovini Classroom Teacher

Mr N Van der Weide

Classroom Teacher
Mr C Watts

Classroom Teacher

Mr A Petty Classroom Teacher


Modern Foreign Languages

Miss M Frizzi

Head of Department
Mrs A Hussey

Classroom Teacher

Ms M Baxter Classroom Teacher

Miss H Le Tissier Classroom Teacher



Mrs L Davis

Head of Department

Mrs P Lambourne

Classroom Teacher 


Physical Education

Miss N Keysell

Head of Department

Mr J Roylance 

Head of Year 7

Classroom Teacher

Mr S Brightman Classroom Teacher

Miss D Cross-Henley Classroom Teacher


Religious Education

Miss N Supple

Head of Department

Mrs G Lettington Classroom Teacher

Mrs Natalie Thomson Classroom Teacher



Mr P Gregson

Head of Department

Mr J Cleeve

Classroom Teacher

Mrs D Gale

Classroom Teacher

Mr I Holvey

Classroom Teacher

Mrs V Porter Classroom Teacher

Ms M Smith Classroom Teacher
Mrs K Valentine

Lead Science Technician

Mrs G Balfrey

Science Technician



Miss H Murphy

Classroom Teacher   

Assistant to Head of Sixth Form

SEN Team

Mr A Birks Agnew Acting Lead SENCO

Mr S Taylor SENCO

Miss E Bentley Assistant SENCO

Mrs T Robson SEN Administrator
Mrs M Fox

SEN Administrator

Learning Support Staff

Mr O Campayne Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mr S Collis

Learning Support Assistant
Miss C Messenger

Learning Support Assistant
Mrs B Newbold

Learning Support Assistant
Ms M Stevenson

Learning Support Assistant
Mrs S Willis

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs R Chetty Learning Support Assistant

Mrs C Davidsen Learning Support Assistant

Mrs A Frangos Learning Support Assistant

Mrs C Harrison Learning Support Assistant

Ms J Laurence Learning Support Assistant

Miss V Wealands Learning Support Assistant

Non-Teaching Staff

Mrs D McVeigh

Personal Assistant to Headmaster

Mrs C Heath

Chaplaincy Administrator

Miss N Webb

Clerk to Governors

Company Secretary

Mrs P Bishop Data Manager

Ms N Samels

Data Manager (Maternity Leave Cover)

Mrs L Tinkler Admissions Officer
Mrs D Ingham

Attendance Officer

Mrs C Van Staden Finance Manager

Ms S Attwater Finance Officer

Mrs R Taylor Finance Assistant

Mrs C Harris

Mrs A Brewer Receptionists

Mrs H Copp Sixth Form Administrator

Mrs S Wilson Sixth Form Administrator

Mrs F Smith

HR & Lettings Officer

Mrs V Radford

Library Manager
Mrs H Sullivan 

Library Manager
Mrs E Oludimo

Cover Supervisor

Mr R Whyte

Mr G Webster

Mr S Pagden

Facilities Manager

Facilities Assistant

Facilities Assistant


Examination Team

Mr C Gray

Lead Exam Invigilator
Mr V Barker

Exam Invigilator
Mrs A Brewer

Exam Invigilator

Mrs L Bowley

Exam Invigilator
Mrs S Corbett

Exam Invigilator
Mrs R Day

Exam Invigilator
Mrs C Francis

Exam Invigilator
Mrs A Middleton

Exam Invigilator
Mrs S Mitchell

Exam Invigilator
Mrs E Ypma Walter

Examinations Officer
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