With our Community

As a Christian school, we are passionate that our students are able to develop a positive attitude towards helping others. In order to ensure our partnership with the community is a positive one, we provide our students with the opportunity to serve their neighbourhood by completing a variety of projects.

Community Service

We pride ourselves on being able to help and support our local community. We have arranged for our students to participate in community service. Service provides our students with opportunities to serve their neighbourhood in a variety of ways and develop a positive attitude towards helping others.

Projects are often carried out in collaboration with local churches or other community groups. Students are encouraged to choose to make a positive contribution by selecting options such as;

  • Stag Community Arts Project
  • Community maintenance projects
  • Working with other young people with disabilities
  • Performing concerts and plays to people within the neighbourhood
  • Working with local primary schools (eg. listening to younger children read)
  • Charities: Fundraising for charitable projects at home or overseas, eg. to visit developing countries to provide help in schools or building water wells
  • Taking part in projects to serve the school community, for example creating newsletters and website articles