St Hugh’s College, Oxford Trip

On 29th March, fourteen of Trinity’s Gifted & Talented Year 10 students were warmly welcomed on their visit to St Hugh’s College, Oxford as part of the University’s Outreach programme. Students were given a talk on University life, various subjects and how to apply to university with a focus on the Russell Group universities.  This was followed by a palaeontology talk, where the students handled fossils dating back billions of years. The talk by a leading professor was followed by an experiment involving mathematical skills …and popcorn!

Gifted 1

A tour of the extensive grounds, rooftop terrace, student common room and library was followed by lunch in the grand hall.

Gifted 2              Gifted 3

The afternoon was spent at the Oxford Union, the world’s most prestigious debating society with an unparalleled reputation for bringing international guests and speakers to Oxford to discuss some rather contentious issues. The issue of The Referendum had been debated here a year earlier and it just so happened that we were visiting on the day that Article 50 was triggered. We stood in the Great hall at the same lectern where famous speakers including Sir Winston Churchill had stood before us. It was indeed memorable.

A tour of the library followed where all students felt comfortable in the great leather armchairs surrounded by volumes of dusty jackets.

The visit was rounded off with a visit to the Union bar where students stood among photographs of well-known politicians, actors and statesmen, all of whom evoked reactions and discussion as to their influence, be it positive or negative on the world.

Some free time was spent in the town with the students able to savour the iconic architecture.

By visiting Oxford, students become inspired to aim high when choosing a university, which motivating them to work even harder in order to fulfil their potential in their GCSE studies.


Mrs A Hussey
Gifted & Talented Co-ordinator