Trinity celebrates Robert Burns

Mr Fisher’s Year 7 form gave a very informative and lively Faraday House Assembly on the life of Robert Burns and Burns Night on 26 January. Luckily, we were able to share the occasion with Wilberforce.  

Our guest to the Assembly was Pipe Major James Moffat, who only hours earlier had been playing at a Burns Night function in London. Pipe Major, dressed in the piper’s ceremonial uniform played for the students. After a slide show on the life of Robert Burns by 4 students Mattie Thomson, Luke McWilliams, Luke Hackshall, and Freya Unsworth there was a re-enactment of the traditions of the meal on Burns Night. Pipe Major led the procession of the haggis, carried by the chef Korban Mullick, and followed closely by 4 students from 7SFI. The whole audience clapped. Pipe Major addressed the haggis in Gaelic with students and staff in awe of the spectacle before them. 

The Selkirk Grace was said by Ava Withey in a flawless accent, and the students were played out to the sound of ‘Scotland the Brave’ following a presentation of thanks by Ethan Ditchfield and Faraday ‘Star’ Eloise Mugilston. Pipe Major commented the following, “I enjoyed visiting your school. I thought the children made a very good job of their presentation and everything seemed to go smoothly. The atmosphere around the school seemed very calm”. 

Mrs Hussey would like to thank all of 7SFI, Mr Fisher and Pipe Major James Moffat for allowing us to celebrate Robbie Burns in style.