Ethos and Values


The Trinity Way

We believe that every young person is made in God’s image, and is infinitely valuable to Him. Each is born with unique skills, aptitudes and talents which we will nurture so that they can flourish and live life to the full.

Academic attainment is one key aspect of this. We will encourage every child to reach as high as possible: we have demanding expectations and will be unstinting in helping our students to meet them. However, the pursuit of academic excellence alone is not enough; we believe in ‘life-wide’ learning, allowing for the whole child to be developed and cared for academically, spiritually, socially, creatively and physically.

Everyone at Trinity is expected to know and live by ‘the Trinity Way’.

It has five key elements:

  • Truth which includes integrity, honesty and openness
  • Excellence in everything including academic work, arts and sport
  • Love exemplified in quality relationships, nurture, and ‘tough’ love that expects the best
  • Leadership taking responsibility for myself and others and leading my own learning
  • Service serving each other and our wider community.

All pupils and staff are trained in ‘restorative Justice’ – a Christian-based approach to maintaining harmonious relationships and rebuilding trust when problems arise.

Trinity Values

Underlying these beliefs is a set of shared values. These are taught through our curriculum and are the basis of our rewards system.

Reflection Creation and creativity Growth Grace Scholarship
Opportunities to respond with ‘awe and wonder’

Making connections

Evaluation of learning

Stewardship  – our impact on the world

Opportunities for creativity



Belief that we can succeed




High attainment in all of our students
Humility Justice and Compassion Friendship Curiosity Hope and Joy
Learn from Jesus’ humility

Putting others first

Opportunities to get things wrong

See ourselves as others see us

Empathy with other people and places

Our impact on the world and others

Responsibility and rights


Work cooperatively

Connections with the world

Opportunities to work collaboratively


Opportunities for critical thinking



Enjoyment in learning and each other