Our Chaplain, Alice Dunstall, is available for students to talk to whenever they have any worries or concerns and can walk alongside them as they grow.  She also has responsibility for worship at Trinity and for service.

Worship takes place each Monday morning during form time and the whole school comes together at this important time and listens to a talk, Bible readings and prayers.  Forms also have a chance to do reflective activities and look at Christian values together three times a fortnight.The school’s service programme is an important part of our ethos and is organised by the chaplaincy team who accompany the students on all their placements.

Please see our service page for more information. Alice organises a monthly prayer meeting for parents, local ministers, governors, staff and Church members to come together and pray for the school within the new school building.  Alice also works with local Churches to strengthen the schools links in the community and attends Church services to update them on Trinity’s progress.