Sir Stuart Etherington, CEO of the NCVO visits Trinity School

On July 11th the Chief Executive Officer of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations, Sir Stuart addressed the whole of Year 10 and talked about his life and the work of the NCVO. Whilst Year 10 had researched the work of the NCVO in form time, and had their questions prepared for the Q&A session, they did not realise that Sir Stuart would be testing their own knowledge about the NCVO.

Sir Stuart opened his talk by asking them some probing questions. The students had to think about the number of charities in the UK, where most of the charitable donations come from and what charity receives the most donations. It is worth noting that the largest voluntary sector in the country is in sport; something many parents on a Saturday morning can identify with.

The students were then able to ask their questions to Sir Stuart, who gave some very informative and lively replies.

Mrs A Hussey