At Trinity School, we are committed to ensuring our school is a safe, welcoming and inspirational place for your child. Every student will be treated as an individual and will be respected, valued and celebrated.

Students’ skills, aptitudes and talents will be nurtured and encouraged by staff and peers.

Pastoral Team

Our pastoral team consists of:

Key Stage 3
Acting Head of Key Stage 3 – Mrs Whitbourn
Head of Year 7 – Mr Roylance leading a team of 6 tutors
Head of Year 8 – Mr Fisher leading a team of 6 tutors

Key Stage 4
Head of Key Stage 4 – Mr Taylor
Assistant Head of Key Stage 4 – Mrs Manakatala
Head of Year 9 – Mr Sherwood leading a team of 4 tutors
Head of Year 10 – Mrs Miles leading a team of 4 tutors
Year 11 Achievement Coordinator – Mr Molsher leading a team of 4 tutors

Key Stage 5
Head of Sixth Form/Senior Assistant Headteacher – Mr Birks-Agnew
Assistant Head of Sixth Form – Ms Chant
A team of 4 tutors

Mrs Anna Graham

SENCO/Assistant Headteacher – Mr A Williams
Assistant SENCO – Mrs Bentley

Pastoral lead
Assistant Headteacher – Mrs Penfold

The pastoral team is central to ensuring the success of our students through developing relationships and providing support; intervention and guidance. They are responsible for caring for our students alongside monitoring their academic and social progress, encouraging involvement in the wider school and helping to develop the ‘whole child’.

Students will be encouraged to be aware of the needs of others and will be expected to support one another.

Where applicable, the pastoral team will liaise with external agencies and specialist staff to support the needs of the students.

Trinity’s first Mental Health Awareness Week took place between18th – 22nd March 2019. 

Jenny Langley, from the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust (CWMT), has been holding coaching sessions with small groups of students throughout the school.  At the end of the week each student will have benefited from one of her sessions.

CWMT’s programme for schools and young people provides evidence-based presentations and training to schools that motivate, inform and provide practical ideas and tools that can be easily implemented.

Jenny came to Trinity in February to train the staff and so during her time here during Mental Health Awareness Week, she spoke at our Parents Information evening as part of our whole school approach to raising awareness of mental health among young people. The presentation was Managing Teenage Anxieties.  Jenny hosted a very successful evening and gave practical tips to help with the emotional wellbeing of our children.  View her presentation below:

Presentation: Managing Teenage Anxieties

Jenny has also provided the school with the following useful resources:

CWMT – Jenny’s Favourite Resources for Schools and Families 2019

CWMT – 50 Ways to Take a Break Poster