Journey to Boulogne-sur-Mer (France)

It was still pitch black when we left the school at 6 in the morning. All the children were excited to visit a French town named Boulogne but surely even more the Nausicaa’s aquarium. Our journey began on a misty and chilly night, but soon the dark was taken over by the daylight.

When we arrived at Dover, the sunrise gave us a warm welcome. As the sky turned blue, the Channel we crossed through. This huge beast called “ferry” stopped at Calais, and for the first time for some kids, we made a step onto the land of Beaujolais.

Boulogne was now near, very near, and songs began to rise in the coach rear, the pupils were not asleep at all!

Once we had visited the picturesque streets of the old city, it was time for us to have lunch under a shady tree.

Heading to the Nausicaa’s, we went into the depths of the big blue, an absolute maze but a magnificent view. Then we left the aquarium for a French traditional bakery, where we learnt how to make bread and croissants with bravery. Courage was needed, as the baker was a bit scary, playing a strange shouting character with big eyes which were rather eerie. Children will remember him for sure.

Then it was finally time to come back to the country, as the sunset was lighting up the ferry. We arrived at the school after 10pm and I am sure the kids would like to go back again.

Jérôme Le Berrigot