Gifted and Talented

Gifted and Talented at Trinity

At Trinity, we are committed to providing every student with opportunities to high quality learning.

‘Gifted’ is defined as being exceptionally able in academic subjects such as Maths, English, Science, Humanities or Languages. ‘Talented’ refers to those students who are exceptionally skilled in practical subjects such as Music, PE, Drama or Art.

The identification of our Gifted & Talented Students

Initial identification takes place in year 7, which is based on KS2 data received from primary schools in conjunction with internal assessments; the data is analysed carefully and the guidelines, as set by NACE, are observed.

In addition to the wider criteria, each department follows subject specific criteria to identify students.

Opportunities for Trinity’s Gifted & Talented Students

Within the classroom there are raised expectations for our G&T students and they are expected to always complete the extension activities. Students are set tasks and asked questions that require higher order thinking, analysis and evaluation.   Teachers ensure that assessment methods and material (such as test papers) allow pupils to work at the higher levels for their year group.

All G&T students are expected to make considerable progress during the academic year. The G&T Co-ordinator tracks and analyses the progress of these pupils; and will report findings to teachers, working with them to devise individual education plans that ensure pupils achieve their potential in learning. Students, if falling below expectations, will be mentored & supported by the G&T co-ordinator.

Beyond the classroom, we aim to offer a varied and challenging programme to our G&T students. This includes lectures, university visits including one to Oxford University, leadership roles within the specified subject, and the opportunity to be challenged with both regional and national competitions.

Our G&T students are given a range of education enriching opportunities including The Royal Society of Chemistry Challenge, NACE Poetry competition, Onatti Theatre question & answer session with the cast in Spanish and French, musical production in Spanish, French & German & Biology Workshops. This list is continually growing and there are regular updates in the parent newsletter.

Gifted & Talented Co-ordinator: Mrs Abigail Hussey