First World War Battlefields Trip

Last week, 66 students in Years 8 and 9 visited Belgium and France to learn about the experiences of the soldiers during the First World War. We visited a number of sites including some preserved trenches and battlefields, the largest commonwealth cemetery in the world, and an interactive museum telling the story of the war. Here is what some of our students had to say about their experiences:

One of our favourite places to visit was the Wellington Tunnels. They were incredible and it was eye opening and moving to see the conditions that the soldiers had to survive in. it made us realise the sacrifice they made to secure a future for England. – Shea Beary and Robyn Drinkwater

The most memorable part of the trip was the Menin Gate. It was very moving and emotional to see all the names of the soldiers who had died fighting. Even though we waited for an hour it was totally worth it to see the ceremony up close. I also enjoyed the trenches, as I was able to see what it was like to be living in those conditions. I would do it all again if I could. – Evie Brown

I really enjoyed the Battlefields Trip because we did so many activities and visited so many emotional places in just three days. My favourite activity was when we went to the Wellington Tunnels and we all went in the same tunnels where the brave soldiers from World War One spent the majority of their time one hundred years ago. This was my favourite part because it really gives you a feel for the experiences they went through and the kind of conditions they were fighting and living in. I also really enjoyed the Menin Gate ceremony because I think it’s amazing and so respectful that so many people come to the ceremony every night to pay their respects to such brave and incredible people. – Emily Croton

I really enjoyed the Battlefields Trip. I was able to experience lots of different places linked with World War One. My favourite part was Sanctuary Wood because we were able to go in the real trenches, explore and picture what the soldiers went through for our freedom. At the war memorials and cemeteries I felt very proud of my country and blessed that the men were so sacrificial for us. Before going on the trip I didn’t realise how many men died and the conditions they stayed in. Thiepval Memorial really proved to me how many men died. I thoroughly recommend the trip! – Vicky Creak


I liked In Flanders Museum the best as I got to see, hear and imagine what life was like during the war. It was painful to read about the experiences and see the photographs from the war. One exhibition showed the archaeological discoveries from the battlefields, which was really interesting and surprising. I also enjoyed Thiepval Memorial. As we walked in there was a museum, which was very cool. I especially liked the computer area where you could search for your name and find any ancestors that might be on the memorial. The graveyard was huge and there were about 73,000 people whose names were on the memorial as well. I couldn’t believe how many gravestones there were. I was gobsmacked. Overall this trip was an amazing historical journey and I would definitely recommend it! – Nicole Shepherd