Faraday’s House Day

Faraday’s House Day 2017 – 22nd  November 2017

£1541 raised for Charity!

Faraday’s House Day was a fantastic event.  Students were able to enjoy homemade cakes, popcorn and candy floss at break and lunchtime.  Everyone was able to participate in a number of different activities; sending a candy cane to their friends and loved ones, stopping Father Christmas falling down the chimney and trying their hand at winning £5 on the higher or lower card game. Freddie Watford, despite feeling quite hot, looked particularly festive in a Santa costume and managed to sell an additional £98 worth of raffle tickets, adding to the £323 of tickets already sold.

Whilst Christmas songs rang out, students spent their money on various stalls including ‘Throw the ball in the Snowman’s mouth’, ‘The Shuffle Board’, & ‘Guess the Number of Sweets in the Jar’ to name but a few.

The response from all students was amazing and Faraday can be very proud of its achievement. Students displayed innovation, leadership skills and a strong community spirit. The total amount raised was £1541, (Raffle – £421, Activities – £624 and Own Clothes – £496). This is a fantastic amount and will be shared equally between Faraday’s two chosen charities, Great Ormond Street Hospital and Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance Trust.

The raffle was drawn in the House Assembly on Monday, with Adam Bignell providing a drum roll for each one. The prize winners are below and a huge thank you goes to our generous sponsors who provided the prizes for the raffle:

  1. GoApe Vouchers
  2. Tamarind Restaurant, Kemsing
  3. GoApe Vouchers
  4. Jumpin Voucbers
  5. Chelsfield Lakes Golf
  6. McDonalds’ Sevenoaks
  7. Pollhill Garden Centre
  8. Tour Kent Air Ambulance HQ
  9. McDonald’s Vouchers
  10. Stag Theatre Family Cinema Ticket


  1. Gracie Jordan
  2. Sam Bryan
  3. Lucy Townsend
  4. Rory Pocknall
  5. Ginny Colenbrander
  6. Matthew Ayres
  7. Rory Pocknall
  8. Tom Mitchell
  9. Tristan Branes
  10. Tegan Shield


Mrs Hussey would like to thank everyone who supported the day including parents who bought raffle tickets and made cakes; students and staff who came in early to set up and help throughout the day; students who created their stalls and the finance staff who counted numerous coins.  Last but not least thanks goes to Father Christmas, who with the help of his merry Elves, cleared up at the end!