Welcome to the Careers page at Trinity Sevenoaks.

This is a one stop shop for support on preparing for work, training or more learning. The advice on this site was all relevant at the time of writing, and should be used in conjunction with any guidance students receive from their tutors or careers advisor.

The school’s arrangements for managing the access of providers to pupils at the school for the purposes of giving them information about the provider’s education or training offer is outlined in our Provider Access Policy.

Provider Access Policy

Students – be proactive!

What Qualifications Do I Need?

Know Your Qualifications

The Nine Levels of Qualifications

Curriculum Vitae (C.V.)

How To Write a Killer CV

The Interview

First Interview

What not to say at an Interview

Work Experience Resources

Apprentices Assembly PowerPoint Slides (PDF)

Work Experience at Trinity

Year 10 Student Self-Placement Form

Year 12 Self-Placement Form

Work Experience Letter Template

Work Experience Assembly slides

What’s Next?

A free career mag that is released monthly that highlights various careers and pathways into employment (its free and publisher has said that they can be used on websites)

Applying for Higher Education
Free information leaflet produced by the Medway Universities to help Key Stage 5 students apply for HE education after school.

Useful Links

logo1‘A free website although you are encouraged to create a log in. This includes the ability to search career pathways and find out what employers are looking for.
logo 2The government has set up specialist services for young people to get impartial Careers Advice.
Logo 3A free to access site suitable mostly Sixth Formers. It includes mini psychometric quizzes, information about careers’ events nationally and frequently updated spotlights on specific career paths.
logo 4Another useful free website. It is packed full of short films about a variety of actual jobs by people who are doing them.
logo 5A free site. This has masses of short films embedded in it where all kinds of people talk about a wide variety of areas of work.
logo 6Get In Go Far is the government’s new apprenticeship advertising campaign. It is designed to inform and inspire young people to consider apprenticeships as a credible route to a rewarding career.
logo12A free to use site asks users to register but seems to be a user-friendly source of starter jobs, in particular in the financial sector.
logo13A free website that is good for students in KS3. It allows students to explore potential careers linked to option choices.
logo14Career opportunities in the sporting and health/fitness worlds.
logo15Career opportunities in the Creative Communications Industry.
logo17Information about careers in the medical profession.
AllaboutcA useful website looking at various careers including the financial sector.
UniversitycCompare Universities, with the largest student city guide list, one of the largest accepted-only personal statement reference lists, over 150 university advice information articles and over 50,000 video views from our resident student.
logo20An excellent free site which includes lots of relevant information about alternative pathways for A Level students, as well as live job and apprenticeship opportunities.
mcslogoA useful and free site. It has comprehensive guidance and quizzes as well as a dedicated parents’ section.
logo22Inspiring Futures specializes in supporting young people to make informed career and education choices. Website links to a Futurewise programme (not free) that helps individuals to choose potential careers via questionnaires and assessments.
logo7More information about apprenticeships, including a directory of regional training and apprenticeships providers.
logo 8A free website that needs a login set up. Linked to many national and local brands and employers it offers routes in to competitions and events that may lead to internships or other ways to link with potential future employers.
logo9A free to access site will involve a sign up, but allows younger students to explore careers in relation to location and related jobs.
MilkrA free website that combines live job and apprenticeship vacancies with general careers’ information.
logo11A useful portal for Y11 and Sixth Form to gain updates of national apprenticeship vacancies.
CV-Library is a UK job board. It is the third-largest employment website in the UK. The job board hosts the UK’s largest CV database of over 12 million CVs. CV-Library is one of the top 500 most visited websites in the UK allowing employers to search for specific individuals with certain skill sets.