Our broad and dynamic curriculum is driven by our vision of developing the whole child; it is our aim to deliver the highest possible standards and we place great emphasis on ensuring that your child’s needs are met.

Our curriculum has been carefully designed to provide flexibility in maximising the individual talents and abilities of our students, ensuring that everyone is challenged to achieve their full potential. From the start of Year 7, students are set ambitious targets in line with the highest performing schools nationally. Students’ progress is closely monitored and checked against these targets each term, with timely interventions being made if necessary. Students are placed in sets which reflect their abilities in each subject.

There are plenty of opportunities within the school and extracurricular timetables for students to take part in music, drama and sport. Through drama, students are encouraged to develop their speaking skills and imagination, enabling them to become increasingly confident in expressing emotions and performing in front of audiences. Musical talent is nurtured; we provide a number of opportunities for students to learn and perform in small and large groups. Wherever possible, we welcome specialist teachers to the school to support and broaden students’ skills.

Sport forms an exciting part of the life of the school. We recognise the importance physical education plays in each young person’s development and growth. Inter-school and inter-house competitive sports are an important aspect of our games programme and are available for all students whatever their level of skill. Our Christian and serving ethos has influenced our decision to include community service in our curriculum. Pupils have opportunities for a wide range of service activities together with parents, churches and local voluntary groups. These are designed to encourage our students to actively participate in community life, develop as much experience as possible and learn an abundance of new skills.