Clubs, Visits and Trips

At Trinity School, we understand that the learning students do outside the classroom is just as important as the learning they do inside. We offer regular trips and visits that generate real enthusiasm and motivation for learning.

At Trinity we are committed to providing an outstanding and extensive co-curricular programme that we are proud of with clubs that are grounded in our Christian ethos. Our students enjoyed more than 3,000 hours of co-curricular provision last year. Students are able to take leadership roles within the clubs that they attend and are actively encouraged to do so within an organic programme that responds to their needs and interests. Our co-curricular provision provides many opportunities for students to develop talents outside of the traditional classroom environment.

Clubs – Term 1 2018/19

Trinity Clubs (excluding Performing Arts and P.E.)
Music and Performing Arts Clubs
Sport and P.E. Clubs


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