Year 7 Cricket prep underway!

The Year 7 cricket team were testing out the brand new cricket strip before their first hardball game of the season against Mascalls this Thursday.

The boys have made a good start to the season with one win already under the belt and have showed great enthusiasm, commitment and organisation skills so far.

Trinity Chickens!

On Monday, the Science department had a very important and exciting delivery of 10 chicken eggs only days away from hatching. Over the course of two days, all ten hatched in their specially designed incubator and we are now the proud parents of five girl chicks and five boy chicks.

Students watched and waited in anticipation as the eggs started to hatch in the middle of their lessons and they watched the wonder of new life being born. The chickens will stay with us for another week, giving students the chance to experience how they live and grow and then they will be returned to live on a farm.

Rt Hon Sir Michael Fallon visits Trinity School

We welcomed Sir Michael Fallon today together with his Researcher Ross Crapnell.  Eloise, Henry and Paddy, Year 10 prefects, took him on a tour of the school.  Afterwards, he met with our Student Council for an informal question and answer session.  They were very interested in hearing about his experiences during his time as Defence Secretary.

First World War Battlefields Trip

Last week, 66 students in Years 8 and 9 visited Belgium and France to learn about the experiences of the soldiers during the First World War. We visited a number of sites including some preserved trenches and battlefields, the largest commonwealth cemetery in the world, and an interactive museum telling the story of the war. Here is what some of our students had to say about their experiences:

One of our favourite places to visit was the Wellington Tunnels. They were incredible and it was eye opening and moving to see the conditions that the soldiers had to survive in. it made us realise the sacrifice they made to secure a future for England. – Shea Beary and Robyn Drinkwater

The most memorable part of the trip was the Menin Gate. It was very moving and emotional to see all the names of the soldiers who had died fighting. Even though we waited for an hour it was totally worth it to see the ceremony up close. I also enjoyed the trenches, as I was able to see what it was like to be living in those conditions. I would do it all again if I could. – Evie Brown

I really enjoyed the Battlefields Trip because we did so many activities and visited so many emotional places in just three days. My favourite activity was when we went to the Wellington Tunnels and we all went in the same tunnels where the brave soldiers from World War One spent the majority of their time one hundred years ago. This was my favourite part because it really gives you a feel for the experiences they went through and the kind of conditions they were fighting and living in. I also really enjoyed the Menin Gate ceremony because I think it’s amazing and so respectful that so many people come to the ceremony every night to pay their respects to such brave and incredible people. – Emily Croton

I really enjoyed the Battlefields Trip. I was able to experience lots of different places linked with World War One. My favourite part was Sanctuary Wood because we were able to go in the real trenches, explore and picture what the soldiers went through for our freedom. At the war memorials and cemeteries I felt very proud of my country and blessed that the men were so sacrificial for us. Before going on the trip I didn’t realise how many men died and the conditions they stayed in. Thiepval Memorial really proved to me how many men died. I thoroughly recommend the trip! – Vicky Creak


I liked In Flanders Museum the best as I got to see, hear and imagine what life was like during the war. It was painful to read about the experiences and see the photographs from the war. One exhibition showed the archaeological discoveries from the battlefields, which was really interesting and surprising. I also enjoyed Thiepval Memorial. As we walked in there was a museum, which was very cool. I especially liked the computer area where you could search for your name and find any ancestors that might be on the memorial. The graveyard was huge and there were about 73,000 people whose names were on the memorial as well. I couldn’t believe how many gravestones there were. I was gobsmacked. Overall this trip was an amazing historical journey and I would definitely recommend it! – Nicole Shepherd

Lizzy Yarnold Victory Parade 2018

On Wednesday 18th April we welcomed Lizzy Yarnold on her open bus Victory Parade, where students from Year 7 and our Sports Ambassadors were lucky enough to meet Lizzy and listen to her words of advice. The students and the PE department were overwhelmed with being able to hold two gold medals, Lizzy went on to explain; “For some of you this will be a once in a lifetime opportunity, but for those who have passion and desire, this is only the beginning of your journey.”


Duke of Edinburgh trips

Duke of Edinburgh Award – Bronze. On 21st and 22nd March a group of Year 10 students took part in their assessed Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award, hiking through the Kent countryside in the glorious sunshine and camping overnight. They put into practice their navigation and camp craft skills as well as working as a team. We would like to thank all the students that took part. We were extremely impressed by their determination, commitment and exemplary behaviour. A huge well done to everyone that took part.
Mr Holvey, Ms Loveridge and Mrs Sullivan.

Here some of the students share their experience:

“It was a good trip with friends and nice weather. I feel like I have improved my map skills over the weekend” Leon.

“I found the D of E expedition a bit tiring but great fun also. It was great for building independence (we navigated, cooked and put up our own tents), whilst also teamwork – we had to agree on a route, organise food together, encourage each other” Josh.

“Our D of E team worked really well together and everyone contributed towards the day. We checked the map every time we thought we were going wrong which prevented us from getting seriously lost. The weather was really good and we all had fun. It was a good chance to socialise with people we don’t usually talk to” Izzy.

“D of E was quite fun, we were very organised and we always knew where we were, even if we took a wrong turn. It was quite challenging to carry so much for that distance but it felt very rewarding to complete” Ross.

“During the weekend of D of E, even though it was tiring, you did learn new skills such as teamwork, making the weekend more fun” Gabriella.

“I learnt how to keep going no matter how much my brain was telling me to stop. I also put lots of effort into each step I took to avoid being at the back. Our group was very good at keeping our spirits high. At one point we were even singing!” Ruby.


Duke of Edinburgh Award – Silver.

During the weekend of 13th-15th April, this group of Year 11 students successfully completed their qualifying expedition for the Silver Duke of Edinburgh’s Award at the Ashdown Forest. They walked over 50kms over 3 days through very muddy conditions, I was particularly impressed with the groups teamwork and positive attitude throughout.
Miss Howard

A most wonderful World Book Day

Trinity’s first World Book Day was a huge success. We had lots of students in the Library throughout the day participating in the reading breakfast, lunch time book quiz or just to read.

The Library Notice Board displayed World Book Day information and Trinity’s activities.

Library Challenge—Design a Poster for World Book Day
Thank you to the students that entered last term’s Library Challenge. Their posters are displayed in the Library.


KS3 Assembly
Year 7 and 8 students in fancy dress to celebrate World Book Day.

Reading Breakfast
The day began with a reading breakfast. Students enjoyed a short story read by the English Department.

Lunchtime in the Library Students took part in a book quiz in the Library at lunchtime and received a prize for participating

Favourite Book Character Fancy Dress Competition
Congratulations to the following students who were awarded for their best fancy dress costume. Year 7 – Luke and Annatalulla, Year 8 – Zac, Sophia and Daisy.

The Trinity Teachers got into the spirit of World Book Day with an array of excellent costumes including the characters from Alice In Wonderland!

SESTBA— South East Schools Themed Book Award
Since September 2017 a group of students have been participating in SESTBA, meeting fortnightly to discuss a range of books which they have read based on the theme “Secrets and Lies”. They voted for their favourite book, designed a book cover for the competition and wrote book reviews. On Tuesday 27th March they attended a Gala Evening at Kent College, Pembury along with other local schools participating in SESTBA. The evening was great fun and well attended. The evening commenced with the announcement of the book cover and fancy dress competition winners and the favourite book vote results. Students also listened to guest authors Patrice Lawrence and Juno Dawson, shared pizza and interacted with other local schools.

Year 9 English Students Meet Local Author Tim Dickinson
A group of Year 9 English students at Trinity had the rare opportunity of meeting local author Tim Dickinson. Mr Dickinson is in the process of writing a fiction book about a group of secondary school students who embark on a worldwide adventure. The visit, which enabled Mr Dickinson to gain valuable feedback on his writing, included an exploration of the plot and a short reading by the author. Students were also given the chance to offer their input on characters and storyline.

And Finally…..
In celebration of Valentine’s Day, the Library Team welcomed students to tell us why they love their library!

Trinity Rugby Fixture Results

March has been a busy month for our Rugby teams, with one match still to be played and two unfortunately cancelled. Here is an update of the results and news on those other fixtures:

Year 8 Trinity Vs. Bennett Rugby 20 – 15 (Trinity Win)

Rugby 8’s Tournament
Year 8 Trinity Vs. Farringtons 10 – 0 win
Year 8 Trinity Vs. Bennett Rugby 10 – 17 loss
Year 8 Trinity Vs. Dover 30 – 0 win
Year 8 Trinity Vs. John Roan 24- 0 win

Year 9’s Rugby Tournament
Year 9 Trinity Vs. Beths School 14 – 28 loss
Year 9 Trinity Vs. Bennett 0 – 19 loss
Year 9 Trinity Vs. Norton Knatchbull 0 – 47 loss
Year 9 Trinity Vs. Harvey GS 0 – 19 loss

All our teams worked so hard across all of the above fixtures and should be very proud of what they achieved.

Still to play:
Year 7 Trinity Vs. Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys
Postponed to 26th March. This match is away at TWGSB and will be played on an ASTRO pitch so NO RUGBY BOOTS ALLOWED.

Unfortunately cancelled:
Year 9 Trinity Vs. Bennett Rugby (cancelled due to Trinity not being able to field a team)
Year 10 Trinity Vs. Hugh Christie Rugby (cancelled due to HC being on work experience)

World Cup Challenge Regional Round

Trinity’s Year 10 Gifted and Talented students were invited to compete in the Regional round of the World Challenge Scholar’s Cup held on Friday 9th March at Radnor House School. Schools from as far afield as Birmingham and Dorset competed in a number of rounds in their teams.

The Scholar’s Challenge followed which involved a quiz with a clicker and various academic categories to test knowledge. Joshua D came first in the history category, with Eloise M taking second place in the literature challenge.

Trinity’s team comprising of Paddy W, Lawrence F and Sam P came second overall.

Debating various motions in their teams against the other schools took place in the late afternoon. The students were awarded marks on their team work, cohesive arguments, persuasive language and presence. Max, Eloise and David came fourth in this field arguing effectively against ‘Schools issuing a student/teacher contract’.

 Toby debating the motion of ‘school/student contracts’.

A number of our students have been invited to compete in the next round of the World Challenge, which will take place in the summer. There is a choice of venue – Barcelona, Melbourne or Kuala Lumpur!

Mrs Abigail Hussey – Gifted and Talented Coordinator