A Christian Education

Our school is a safe, welcoming and inspirational place for all students. We welcome those with faith and those without.

Here at Trinity we believe that the Christian faith has a great deal to offer to the education of our children and young people, as demonstrated by the popularity of Church Schools on a local and national level.

We want our students to know about Jesus, his life and teaching, and to offer them the opportunity of following him, as we believe he is the best example of a life lived in all its fullness. All students are aware of the needs of others and are expected to value and support one another.

Annual Prayer and Reflection


Our annual prayer and reflection space was held at Trinity School from Wednesday 3rd May to Monday 8th May this year.

Prayer and reflection












We transformed one room in the school into a quiet and inspiring prayer space for students and staff to spend time praying and reflecting in.  Each class had an hour in the prayer space during one of their lessons during the set dates.  Last years’ prayer space was a great success and we hope for an even more eye-opening and exciting time for the students.

Prayer Board Update

All students have had another chance to write prayer requests and things they are grateful for our prayer board.  This is the second time this academic year that we have done this, and we have also included a space for prayers that students feel have been answered this time around.  There are some beautiful and heartfelt prayers from students who are grateful for their families, friends, education and clean water.

Prayer 1


Prayer 2

‘Service’ Update!

Trinity has now completed over 500 hours of service placements this academic year.

Students are greatly enjoying the chance to help out in their local community and are doing the school proud.

We also have a display board showing past service placements and different ones that the students can ask to get involved with.









Prayer walk

On Thursday 5th January several students and staff gathered to walk around the school and pray for all who use the different areas of the school.

The students suggested topics to pray for including assemblies, enjoying lessons, friendships and for all students, staff and volunteers.

Both staff and students led prayers and it was a very positive and prayerful morning.




Inspirational Prayer Boards

There are now 4 separate display boards dedicated for prayer.  As Trinity is an outward-looking school, we are always looking for ways in which our prayers can impact the wider world.

We are currently praying for our environment, areas of conflict, world leaders and looking at types of prayer.  There is also a board that will be filled with students’ prayers soon, so we can pray for each other as we go about our day.


Christmas Service

On Tuesday 13th Decemver 2016, we held our first Christmas service in our new school building!

The students performed brilliantly – our school choir sang several beautiful hymns; our MFL group sang in 3 languages; students read Bible verses and  the ukulele band performed very professionally.

There were also solo performances from Ollie Williams-Fowler on voice and guitar, and Ben Atkinson on the piano.  It was a wonderful occasion,  a very big thank you to all involved and a very Merry Christmas to all.

pic 1


pic 2