Business Studies


Did you ever wonder how you go about starting your own business or the secret behind companies like Apple’s continued success? If so, then business studies may be the subject for you. The course covers a whole range of areas from the theory of starting a small business, how to successfully promote a business, accountancy, the psychology and ways of managing workers, along with the issues and decisions involved in running a huge global corporation.

Key Stage 3

This subject is not taught at KS3.

Key Stage 4

Unit 1 – Introduction to Small Business

This unit concentrates on the key issues and skills involved in enterprise. It provides a framework to consider the marketing, financial, human and operational issues involved in starting and running a small business.

Unit 2 – Investigating Small Businesses

In this unit, students will use the content from unit 1 to research, analyse and evaluate a selected task on enterprise issues.

Unit 3 – Building a Business

This unit builds on Units 1 and 2 and examines how a business develops beyond the start-up phase. It focuses on practical methods used to build up a business, with an emphasis on aspects of marketing, customer service, financial and people management. It also considers the impact of the wider world on the success or failure of a business.